Child Eczema Treatment: 3 Days of Raw Paleo Diet Immense Progress

After that horrid regression with 2 days of Filipino rice and cooked vegetable and cooked fish, I had solidly ingrained in my wife and my child that “look, that cooked stuff does not work, and neither will just your medication work.” They learned, and they now have the conviction that raw paleo diet is it.

3 days of raw paleo diet:

– raw fish ceviche (malasugi and hasa hasa)
– raw duck eggs (whole)
– raw live clams (halaan)
– Blue Ice cod liver oil + butter oil
– Metazyme (Palawan formulated supplement of raw vegetables for his fiber before we get barefoot LBB this coming Tuesday)
– Fresh durian
– Fresh mango
– fresh graviola

with (diluted 1:5) orange juice – 6 oranges a day.

with anthroposophic meds

with barefoot dewormer

And we have great progress.

– the wounds are drying up
– there is markedly less itching
– He was able to poop out a big poop by himself yesterday afternoon.
– He was able to go down the house and jump on the rebounder / trampoline for better lymph drainage

Anthroposophic doc made a house call yesterday, she taught us lymph drainage on him daily. It was great how his swollen lymph nodes deflated after 15 minutes of the proper massage.

Boy was also given another combination of vitamins shot. Just for insurance.

Still waiting for barefoot LBB to arrive Tuesday. The promise is the LBB will restore and strengthen colon health.

He still has hemorrhoids. Any suggestions for hemorrhoids?


  1. for hemorrhoids try homeopathic meds. i have tried nux vomica drops with traumeel.

  2. I usually get hemorrhoids after long water fasts because my bowels haven’t moved in a while & I have to strain to push the new food through. Preparation H or its generic version from the local pharmacy works a charm. Don’t know whether you have it in the Philippines. It has shark liver oil & 0.25% phenylephrine hcl. I know it’s a drug, but it’s a tiny amount topically for about a week, & to me, it’s worth to get rid of the pain.

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