Child Eczema Cure: Promise of 6 months on Raw Paleo Diet

When it was hands down shown that it is raw paleo diet that was saving my son from disease, my wife and my son took it seriously. Now was a good time this morning to get a commitment from both of them. At a minimum 6 months on a raw paleo diet. Even if he starts going to school.

It is quite obvious from the history of this boy that raw paleo diet always worked for him. Our big hope of 2 months on bloody raw paleo diet in 2009 was disrupted by the flood which literally destroyed our home, and our car, and I had to relocate my family and my office. So I could not personally handle my own boy at that time. Other times we used raw paleo diet on him were those severe colds and coughs.

Raw Paleo Diet is the original human diet, original specifications, Adam and Eve’s diet for you religious folks. Yes, Adam and Eve ate raw animal foods… stop those fruitarian fantasies.

Past week or more, my son has had a voracious appetite. Literally eating a lot. At the start we needed leaky gut healing and colon healing. So lots of diluted orange juice, then every 2 hours of a raw egg, plus some raw wild honey, plus blue ice butter oil / cod liver oil, then various fruits in season with the heavy durian, and raw fish ceviche and sometimes raw live clams for the most superior B12.

Today my son is up and about and alert and needs markedly less sleep. Which is understandable from a raw paleo diet point of view because of the ease of digestion.

Oh yeah, itching? It’s a thing of the past. He’s stopped itching. We are just waiting for all his wounds to heal. Which to me would take 2 weeks.

Today my boy is officially sick of raw eggs. Maybe he doesn’t need them anymore. This is hands on healing so we go with the flow on the very day change is needed.

Back to raw paleo diet. It is easy to get support at and be with a community of fellow practitioners and some of those have children as well.

Boy is still in his fish ceviche phase, yesterday he refused the sashimi. I will also have to wait for him to get into the red meat phase. Bloody raw beef, just like 2009.

So it is 6 months of raw paleo diet for this boy… at the minimum. He will be big, robust and strong by then. Maybe he can cheat with cooked meat at times. I seriously doubt my boy is built to eat rice. Rice is I believe the root cause of his problems.

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