Child Eczema Cure Status November 16 Secondary Infections

We are hot on killing secondary infections. Hot on telling the boy to get naked.
To get baths with guava leaves. Hot on just getting the boy to get a bath. He’s been skittish about bathing thinking it will be just painful. After days of not bathing, stinking and culturing germs in his loins my wife and I had had enough and forced the issue on him even if he cried and got angry. At 10 years old he is beginning to develop his own sense of being, but he needs bathing to heal.

We cycle disinfectants:

– clove oil with virgin coconut oil
– oregano oil
– repcillin (crocodile oil)
– barefoot spray III
– zapper

It will take a combination of all these cycling to kill off these stuff.

But none of these are going to work if he does not bathe.

Another irritant for us is his constant covering of these very loins we wish to be exposed to the air. It’s as if these germs / infections are mind controlling him to do the complete opposite of healing.

He’s now asleep. We turned on the air conditioner and placed a bed of onions and garlic at the foot of his bed. He had put on 2 layers of sheets. I removed one layer so his body could “breath” more.

He is pooping everyday even without LBB at times.

There are pus expulsion points in his body. Once there was lots of pus from his right arm. Then lots of pus from his left foot. There are channels of pus it seems from internal organs.

We have had no success of just FASTING with orange juice for even 1 day as he gets ravenously hungry. So we feed him either fish kinilaw / ceviche, raw clams, raw squid. Raw eggs are a staple.

As hot as we are on the infections externally. I scheduled him to do a virgin coconut oil detox tomorrow. We will be using capsulized virgin coconut oil so he can take 1 full tablespoon every 2 hours. He will also drink water + lemon + salt. And his cheat when hungry is plain yogurt.

Another root cause we are looking at is tooth decay. Dental. We need an appointment with the biological dentist to fix all his dental problems. And there are a lot of them. If we can get those fixed too, that will be another root cause fixed.

The boy has strength, he has stamina and vigor. But his skin has secondary infections that need addressing.

When the entire house hold got sick with lbm due to a faulty polluted water filter, my boy and I were the strong ones unaffected… because we were on raw paleo diet. Even if we did drink the same water which is used on his diluted orange juice.

I am tied to his side. If I go out to a meeting, he gets out of control and becomes ravenously hungry looking for cooked food. Maybe it is because I’m the only full time raw foodist in the house and he sees and smells everyone else enjoying cooked meals.

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