Child Eczema Cure: After Jock Itch, Next Guess is Erythrasma

We just finished 1 day of a VCO detox. A few days ago we did 1 day as well. It seems that my boy’s groin is not responding to the anti candida ways of the VCO detox. So we can safely rule out candida, maybe even rule out jock itch. So what’s next? Look for some things that look like jock itch. First one is Erythrasma.

So all I need to do is use Wood’s Lamp examination on the rash. If we see bright coral red, then that’s it. We hit it with everything against erythrasma. Another possibility is intertrigo.

My plan is to ask Romy Macapagal the beam ray expert if he has a program against erythrasma and intertrigo. And if he has a wood’s lamp so we can see under ultra violet. How about an ultra violet lamp used to check for money?

I’m excited and I can’t wait. Maybe this is the last step with this boy.


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