Child Eczema Cure Update: Erythrasma, Fusidic Acid, First Day Back at School!

We are able to send Cush to school today for the fist time after so long. Pressured by the department of education ruling that 40 consecutive days of absences means repeating the year. And with the usual healing at break neck speed of a hands on 24 hour healer of a father.

For the past week we were concentrating on the secondary infections on Cush’s skin. The elimination of candida with 2 separate VCO detox days was great. My guess of Erythrasma seems to be correct. I verified via UV light showed the glow in the UV light bacteria, coral white (not coral red). When I began treating the boy’s skin with Fusidic Acid, immediate response in 1 day.

Then we did a beam ray morning for the big boost against infections: staph, strep, fungus. Then another injection with Divina Hey for colon, vitamin c, glutathione, B12, etc. The vitamin c injection is very painful and long lasting in the butt. I don’t want to repeat that.

The continuous application of fusidic acid has stopped his sensitivity to air and water. He can now bathe.

This cream application is for 7 days as in the instructions. I think we are on the 4th day. We will then go for massages with vco and drops of pure oregano oil and also do bath tubs with oregano oil.

We are continuously giving Cush my all raw paleo diet which have done wonders to make him truly strong.

Yesterday he had a raw duck egg, raw fish tanguige kinilaw (ceviche), raw beef barbecue, raw bulalo, virgin coconut oil, raw live clams, raw live oysters, raw live bamboo shell clams, a banana, some native pongkan, buko juice his liquid drink… no water.

He still gets his daily 1 LBB capsule to reform, fix, strengthen his colon. He still gets Divina’s Anthroposophic meds but now less items at reduced doses.

Cush did not catch the entire household LBM and did not catch the bad cold of his auntie pam, his mom and his siblings… he’s as strong as ME!

On his first day of school he is on white cotton pajamas, a big t-shirt that covers his arms and slippers. This morning I gave him an egg yolk liver flush with a lemon and a big raw duck egg yolk and he took 1 LBB capsule. The LBB is meant to run 60 to 90 days to heal, correct and strengthen his colon. If there are some eczema patches left, we will do orange juice fasts again.

Anthroposophic doc left us with 2 doses of Vitamin B12 shots which may be applied next week and the next. At the same time I will be preparing raw beef liver for him. He will try the pate recipe with red onion and the liver + calamansi + salt and pepper aged in the refrigerator recipe. Yesterday he had 2 raw oysters for healing with tremendous amounts of zinc and he had raw clams for lots of B12. I’ll see he gets the oyster and clams combo almost every day so he gets the minerals he needs for final skin repair.

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