Child Eczema Cure 95% Well – Zero Itching, Scar Erasing and Waiting for Poops to Normalize, Raw Milk Added

My son is now 95% well of his eczema. Scar / peklat erasing time. Using ghee as massage oil and asking a massage therapist to do it every other day. There seems to be a spot or two left overs and I want to see whats truly left after the scars are gone. No more itching. If you hold his discolored skin, it’s smooth, not bumpy.

It is his poops that I am waiting to normalize. I’m waiting for that dark brown color that is healthy poops. I haven’t seen that yet. Maybe the daily LBB capsule is cleaning a lot gunk inside. He poops daily effortlessly.

I began adding raw milk to his diet since Sunday. First I got raw cow’s milk. Then I got raw goat’s milk. It’s just a matter of convenience as the goat milk is nearer. The raw cow’s milk is far… up in the sierra madre mountains.

My son says he thinks the cow’s milk is more beneficial as his pee stank bad with it. Why? Is it more detoxing? Or does it impair his liver? I don’t know the answer to that. What I do know is the raw goat milk is what my friend Jackie trusts and feeds her teenage boys. So I may stick with the goat milk for now.

I’m thinking that since my son is not lactose intolerant, a temporary 1 liter a day of raw goat milk will help heal his intestines even more and provide more nutrition. And it’s easy to give as raw milk tastes great.

Waiting for 100% cure, then we will move on to buffing him up. I believe if we play our cards right my boy will be buffed up by June 2012.

Last night was the birthday party celebration of his youngest sibling. He cheated by eating 2 ocean shrimp tempura. He survived.

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