Child Eczema Cure Dental Infections are a Root Cause and ALL must be fixed

Last last week’s visit to the biological dentist had removed 2 decayed temporary teeth in the upper left quadrant of my boy’s mouth. A few days ago we visited and a fragment of a tooth was removed in the lower left quadrant of his mouth. But on the upper right quadrant there are 2 more decayed teeth. And on the lower right quadrant there is a molar with beg decay and abscess with pus visible in the outer gum. That needs to go, but my boy won’t cooperate and allow it.

And there is the dilemma. The boy is not ready. The biological dentist will not pull teeth against the will of the patient. Free will is important. I made the compromise with my boy that the various tooth decays we will try to heal using my cure tooth decay methods. But if they fail, he needs to let the dentist do his thing so that he will be completely healed.

I showed my boy the dental chart and where each infected tooth affects which organs. Of course that dental chart is pretty accurate. It shows that the lower right molar infection stresses his large intestines. And the upper right teeth infections stress his stomach. I would dare say, the removal of these dental infections will allow for complete healing… but which way to go? It will be our guidance and the boy’s call.

For now this is what I’m doing:

– cut out all sweet fruits
– coconuts remain
– feed more beef and fat
– feed bone marrow
– feed raw liver
– feed raw clams
– give raw cow’s milk… never frozen, only refrigerated
– give fermented butter oil, give fermented cod liver oil
– give coconut oil for oil pulling, then floss, then brush
– give dentistko tooth decay removal gargle
– dab clove oil on the infected tooth.

I am convinced this dental cleansing is a big missing link. I hope to finish this by this December.

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