Child Eczema Cure: Fresh Pure Organic Cow’s Milk, Evolving Raw Paleo Diet and Healing Sleep

We have started a working relationship with our new pure organic cow’s milk supplier. It is way up in the mountains 1.5 hours drive from where we live. We are scheduled to drive up and get raw milk every 3 days, as 3 days is just the expected refrigerator life of raw cow’s milk.

No more constipation with this raw fresh pure organic cow’s milk. This is never frozen. And they collect only in the morning we are scheduled to drive up. We have to keep true to our word as there are no cell phone signals that high up in the remote mountain. How’s that for organic, huh? The cow’s aren’t bothered by electromagnetic transmissions.

This milk we are currently getting comes from only 1 cow. Her calf is 7 months old. The lady in charge said they stopped nursing the calf after 2 months. This cow has up to 10 months to lactate, so we have some less than 3 months to go. That should be enough time to fully heal my boy.

You need to see my boy’s satisfaction at drinking cow’s milk up. Rubbing at his full tummy and tongue lip smacking good and smile.

I still just fart when I drink cow’s milk. But I have to taste it when I buy it and just to check if it is still good and not spoiled.

Today I adjusted his diet and cut down on the raw milk and told my son to just drink milk after lunch. In the morning I want him on some fruit like a mango and then fish ceviche / kinilaw with raw coconut milk, some raw beef liver ceviche, then diluted orange juice. Had him drink some freshly juiced kamote tops / young leaves and he drank his raw cod liver oil with raw fermented butter oil supplements. I want his lunch to be raw / rare beef t-bone steak for raw red meat, raw animal fat.

Last night was a good nutritious dinner of:
– tiny raw dulong fish with raw duck egg yolk
– raw liver ceviche
– raw oysters

We are making good progress with his ever evolving raw paleo diet.

My wife reminded me of the Vitamin B shot this boy is scheduled for, but the boy is adamant about refusing the shot. Seems he’s had enough of shots. Maybe his B12 is topped up? He says he’s also not interested in raw clams anymore.

Ah well, the diet is evolving and his needs are evolving.

This morning he slept really long. He couldn’t go to school. He had thickened a blanket over him in the early morning and sweat tons. Seemed like a healing sweat to me. Like when you have a fever and you sweat it out in the evening and you get well the next morning. That’s how I see it.

Sometimes we forget that the boy is technically is still in healing mode. I’d actually want him to sleep and sleep and sleep a lot just to accelerate his healing.

His skin condition is still progressing nicely. The last vestiges / spots of diseased skin retreating. The technique is to run your fingers throughout his body and look for the rough spots. Then turn on the UV lamp. See if there are glow in the dark erythrasma white spots left over. Dab some fucidic acid on that spot only. We found just 5 spots this morning.

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