Child Eczema Cure: Mucus, Cold, Near Pneumonia After Christmas Season

Our 10 year old hero has been eating cooked meats the Christmas week due to many celebrations like Christmas, a wedding, the New Year, etc. Cooked meats paleo diet doesn’t make the cut. And the result is a bad cold. And with this little guy, in our experience, bad colds become ever worse towards pneumonia.

My wife is on this case. She’s the colds expert. She gets colds often. So it seems our kid got great qualities. My eczematic ability and my wife’s colds ability.

My wife took our kid to the anthroposophic doctor and she gave him some new anthroposophic medicines, some emergency stuff given every hour.

My wife suspects mangoes and oranges and any citrus, so all of those are out.

My wife has our kid on a nebulizer 3x a day with just saline solution.

Boy is now back on a fully raw paleo diet, no more searing, no more cooked meats. It’s fruits and sashimi and eggs.

My wife has our kid on special gargling and nasal irrigation techniques. Nasal irrigation is breathing in water with salt.

This morning she’s making organic chicken soup. Not the meat. Just the soup. Traditionally it is thought that chicken soup has nutritious stuff in it against colds.

Reminded her about the cayenne tincture too.

Colds are my wife’s look out since she’s the colds expert.

Maybe the house is polluted. Or maybe it was all that damn Christmas season cooked meats. I should take the boy to the beach and sleep over several days.

On the child eczema front:

– stopped using fusidic acid.
– started using bath soap and soaping daily.
– high concentrations of oregano oil in virgin coconut oil, 150 drops of vco and 15 drops of pure oregano oil from barefoot herbalist mh (we progress to higher concentrations, started with just 9 drops)

Skin progress is great. Very few and small receding spots. I’m banking on having his breathing cured so we can make great progress again. The dental cleansing we did contributed immensely.

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