Child Eczema Cure: LBB Finished Moving on to Barefoot Herbalist MH Dewormer Parasite Cleanse

Thanks to the suggestion of Michelle in Kansas about the possibility of mites… dust mites burrowing under my son’s skin when they saw the opportunity of eczema. Then when the oregano oil came along, the mites burrowed themselves even deeper reaching the blood stream. Maybe the mites and other parasites are the cause of my son’s mucus, cold, phlegm? This is the hypothesis for now.

Searched for mites and eczema online and decided to begin a 30 day Barefoot Herbalist MH Dewormer program on my boy. It’s what we got, in stock, at home.

My boy reported an immediate reaction to some points in his left leg where the are are open spots.

Seems the parasites are tasting the wrath of the dewormer in my boy’s blood and they’re freaking out, getting out or are trapped to die. 30 days so they die at all stages.

I began the parasite cleanse program with 1 tablespoon dewormer in 1/2 cup of water, sip, don’t gulp, 3 times a day just this first day. I will taper down to 2 times a day.

My wife and I are concerned about his mucus. Wife cannot see the parasite angle, but for me, parasite cleansing is just another stage of the eczema cure protocol we need to go through.

Incidentally, January 5, 2012 is the last day of the LBB treatment which lasted for 2 months. I sure hope his colon is nicely toned by now and pooping like a champ.

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