Child Eczema Cure: Jock Itch?

My 10 year old boy seems to have developed jock itch. Right underneath his balls and almost to his butt hole. Seems this is the area where we do not put oregano oil because he feels the oregano oil reaches his butt hole and causes him pain.

It seems going to school in pants, then underwear, and getting all sweaty has caused this jock itch. Given my boy’s tendency to try and hurriedly dress up after a bath. I keep reminding him to make sure he is all dry before he wears his underwear. He has an electric fan, just stand over the fan and dry underneath his balls. And then wear his underwear.

We sorely need to improve his habits. Must watch him more closely and teach him how to do things. Like even how to take a bath, how to lather his organic soap. I now encourage him to soap because we are fighting infections.

I first tried fusidic acid but it did not work. So now I’m thinking his jock itch is fungal. So I had him apply some anti fungal cream, Ketoconazole this evening. It stung for a minute. Tomorrow I will use oregano oil in virgin coconut oil and just be careful not to put some in his butt hole.

This evening’s junk food did not help. He went out with relatives for a birthday celebration. We were informed it was going to be Japanese food, they got home this evening and my wife told me it all turned out to be pizza. Grr…. I gave him an LBB capsule this evening so he can get rid of that junk tomorrow by pooping it away.


  1. This morning I asked my boy if the anti-fungal cream has helped improve his jock itch. He says it has. So used the anti-fungal cream again this morning.

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