Child Eczema Cure: 1 day Virgin Coconut Oil Detox for Jock itch? Eczema Again on Back of Knees?

I convinced my son to go on a 1 day virgin coconut oil detox for this day Sunday. I’m concerned with his jock itch. And I’m concerned with eczema popping up again behind his knees.

Were these caused by the parasite cleanse? Or is it just that his intestines have not healed enough and we have allowed him to go back to school and attend social events, meaning, eat cooked meats, and there was 1 time he ate pizza at his grandma’s party. Or is it candida? Should he go on a very low carb diet? Or should we suspect the long term anthroposophic medicines? How is this connected to the mucus he has been having for the past 2 weeks or so?

Questions, questions. I want results. I have petitioned his mother for a cessation of all medicines and supplements. Just stick with a perfect diet. That way, I myself can predictably observe what his body is trying to do, to say, what it needs. This is the price of compromise. Need to battle it out.

I will be trying an anti candida diet on this boy after this 1 day virgin coconut oil detox.

This vco detox is turning out much better. We did not use stevia this time. And we did not mix the salt in the lemon water. Thus my son is able to control how much salt his body requires. This day too we stopped all medicines and supplements.

Oh yeah, I remember my wife telling me to give my son some pyroenergen time.

Update: By 5:30pm my boy had tummy pains and gave up on the vco detox and ate a banana. Then he had fatty roast beef for dinner, medium rare. He felt sleepy early. No energy. I gave him a teaspoon of honey before he nodded off to sleep

Update 2: I’m stopping the parasite cleanser / dewormer. It is possible that his new eczema spots behind his knees were caused by the dewormer. Was it die off clogging the liver and the kidneys? Was it candida?

Update 3: Tomorrow morning this is a reminder to myself to give my boy a tablespoon of raw wild honey a minute before giving him an egg yolk liver flush. Must make sure his liver is reloaded with sugar while it is egg yolk liver flushing.

Tomorrow afternoon he does a kidney cleanse with avocado leaves tea. Let’s see how his new eczema reacts.

These eczema spots are different. They don’t seem to be affected by or caused any pain by the barefoot spray III. No heat generated when a drop of quantumin is used. So these are probably not uric acid stuff.

We will know with the commencement of the liver flush and kidney cleanse tomorrow.

Diet for the boy, I’ll go with seared steaks of beef and lamb for the boy. Probably I’ll buy goat too. And maybe chicken. And sashimi. No more ceviches for the moment. Cooked / rare paleo diet at the worst.


  1. For jock-itch just dousing with raw apple cider vinergar, or the vinegar mixed with a bit of water if it’s too strong, is a great releiver. Give that a try.

    For eczemas and skin conditions I can highly recommend the enzyme based skin oil from I had severely weird skin conditions for years, which were cured by their oils (it does not cure the underlying condition..e.g. diverculitis of course, but their oil mixture does magic for almost any skin condition).

    For detoxing I’m surprised you have not tried zeolite, clays or activated charcoal yet. If the body is producing toxins, or if there is chemical or heavy metal toxicity in the body then zeolite would be my 1st choice. I also suffered from candida and brain fog for years, and zeolite was one of my staples when I tried to cure it. Look for HealhForce Nutritionals Zeoforce, which is one of the better zeolites out there. That’s what I use. If you can afford it you can also try NCD Liquid Zeolite, which is a liquid based zeolite and less taxing on the gut. The zeolite works in the whole body, pulling toxins from everywhere.

    In contrast charcoal tablets can be used to lessen the toxic load in the bowel. They work locally in the bowel and will very quickly absorb any toxicity in there. It does not enter the bloodstream. I have used Nature’s Way Activated Charcoal capsules myself.

    Good luck, and great to see that you’re making progress!

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