Child Eczema Cure: Liver Flush, Kidney Cleanse, Apple Cider Vinegar plus Epsom Salts Bath, Argan Oil and Stopping All Medications

Seems my suspicion is correct. The boy’s liver and kidneys may just be over loaded with dead parasites and the dewormer and his anthroposophic medicines. STOP! Stop all the medicines. Stopped the dewormer, stopped the anthroposophic meds for now. Did a 1 day vco detox, which lasted only until 5:30pm. Clean the liver – egg yolk liver flush, clean the kidneys – avocado leaves tea.

I modified the egg yolk liver flush with chicken eggs and lemon yesterday morning by first giving a tea spoon of raw wild honey and a slice of melon. Figured the boy’s liver sugar was depleted with the vco detox the previous day. And this morning gave another egg yolk liver flush this time with duck eggs and calamansi but at the tail end gave 10 capsules of virgin coconut oil.

Yesterday afternoon I gave him a bath in a bath tub, he sat for 30 minutes and it had 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar and 1/2 cup of epsom salts. Not much water. His jock itch was painful. I added calendula cream under his balls.

After much air drying, I applied the Moroccan argan oil. The methodology was supposed to use almond oil, but we don’t have almond oil, what we got is argan oil. Boy found it soothing.

Boy found kidney cleansing with avocado leaves tea and honey delicious and he drank 2 very big glasses of it. For his size, that’s enough.

He slept a little past 8pm. I checked him at 11 pm and the newly opened eczema gashes were starting to scab. Nice red blood scabs now forming.

Yes, he missed school yesterday. Just a reminder for everyone that letting the boy back in school was just pushing it a little too much and healing episodes like these are expected to happen. If it were up to me, the boy would be completely out of school for complete healing. But these are modern life sacrifices.

In summary, this is a new healing stage. Blood and scabs are a good thing. And the reversal was very fast. Fast response after 2 days. 1 day of vco detox. 1 day of liver flush, kidney cleanse, alkalizing bath.

As for the diet, after the vco detox, he had some roast beef which was medium rare. Yesterday I bought many different fruits, and in the evening he had some raw beef liver, a bite of cooked beef liver, some cooked beef.

This morning before going to school I gave him another liver flush. And for lunch I gave him fried chicken. Maybe later in the day I’ll give him some wheat grass juice. Those little wheat grass juice packets are pretty convenient and good enough.

Took this picture this morning.


You may think this picture is “bad”. But I think we are at the home stretch. As these only developed 1 week into deworming. I suspect the parasites took a beating and this is detox overloading the liver and the kidneys. Dropping all meds. Body in healing mode with scabs. Alkalizing baths. Rawish paleo diet. Colon all well, pooping great.

Will take daily pictures to see how fast this heals now.


  1. Update Jan 18 morning.

    – Unstoppable progress, I feel we are at the home stretch
    – Now feeding wheat grass juice, 1 to 2 sachets daily using Wheat Grass Max
    – I switched him to 2 days of organic fried chicken, to give him a change of pace. Told him that afterwards he will be on raw beef and raw liver and raw blood just like in 2009 which was very very successful.
    – Argan oil is soothing.
    – Alkalizing baths are working.
    – He slept early last night and had the air conditioner running so he wouldn’t scratch his crotch.

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