Child Eczema: Raw Diet Break, 2 Days of Fried Chicken (don’t do this at home)

I don’t know what got into me, but this exercise may have been a good thing in the long run. It was about teaching my 10 year old boy some discipline. It was about teaching him how if I let go of his diet and he gave in to cravings of cooked food… well, the results don’t turn out very good. I put my boy on a raw food diet break. I put him on organic chicken, fried in beef fat… for 2 days… lunch and dinner.

His teacher said my boy was having the time of his life enjoying his lunch. Yummy, fried chicken. Smile on his face. Suffering later. Eczema in his crotch and some spots on his legs flared up.

Now that wasn’t really fun now was it, my son? It wasn’t worth it. On the bright side I note that he didn’t ask for any rice to go with the cooked chicken.

Just playing devil’s advocate here. As a parent who guards my son to be on a raw paleo diet, I can’t be with him 24 hours a day every day, he needs to learn and remember that some foods just won’t work well for him.

A cheat food is a food that is bad for you. Eat that food for 2 straight days and you know it’s bad for you.

In contrast, if I ask you to eat raw beef for 2 straight days, you’d do well.

After that 2 day cheat, my son is back on track with his raw paleo diet and we are again on the offensive, with hopefully the final push for healing his final leg eczemas.

The journey has been long and hard, but we will get there.

To get the chicken out of his system, I paced my boy on:

– duck egg yolk liver flushes some 2 straight days, then a 3rd day.
– found the time to do 2 days of orange juice fasting, not consecutive, just 1 day apart.
– gave anti eczema / dermatitis concoction of raw native tomatoes with raw wild honey and apple cider vinegar
– concentrating on various raw fish ceviche lately with coconut milk

Hygiene and topicals we will talk about on the next post.

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