Child Eczema Cure: Bathing Habits, Hygiene Habits

A big factor I’m seeing with my boy and his crotch is his hygiene habits. His bathing habits. I’ve said before that I didn’t like them using shampoos and soap. Great. But this 10 year old boy takes it to ridiculous levels and spends less than 1 minute total under the shower. He thinks just getting wet is it. Duhhhh…

So the past few days I’m in a badgering mode bidding up and up the amount of time he stays under the shower. Timed it to 2 minutes. Then up to 5 minutes. And I’m supervising the boy how to wash his butt and his crotch.

Boy is in lazy stubborn stage. Probably reads too much Calvin and Hobbes. Delaying tactics, doesn’t want to bathe, bids less number of minutes under the shower, needs prodding all the time. Doesn’t like brushing his teeth.

Boy is splendidly getting really well. He thinks he can afford to be stubborn and not take a bath this evening. I told him to raise his standards much higher. Be 100% well, super clear skin like mine, and then try being lazy with bathing.

For his crotch I got him some Katialis, it’s a cheap local cream with sulfur, zinc oxide, resourcinol, and salycylic acid. Very thin applications once a day. Just to overcome his unhygienic habits. This evening after his 5 minute bath I didn’t apply any on his crotch.

Making sure the boy gets in the habit of pat drying with his towel. And then an electric fan to make sure his crotch and butt are super dry.

So these next weeks will be weeks of changing habits for this boy and very close parental supervision.

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