Child Eczema and the Candida Dilemma, Why We have to Go Slowly

So my son still has eczema on his legs and in his crotch. I’m thinking candida. It’s inconvenient yes. Not optimal. But at the same time, completely blitzing the candida may not be a good idea. Maybe a slow approach is better.

Witness Aajonus Vonderplanitz’ description of candida. That candida is a cleansing process. That candida is cleaning the intestines’ little pools of blood and cracks that were damaged. Thinking, thinking… is that really the case in this situation? Do I stick it out long term and just have fish and fat and vegetables and non sweet fruit for the boy?

Or do I go out and blitz the candida with beam ray and zapper? What about those pools of blood? Are they really there? Maybe Aajonus is wrong on that score.

Do I approach with probiotics? Hmmm…. that was what got us into this mess in the first place. Then again, things have changed. Maybe if we just use different probiotics. Or we go slowly. Try OMX, and the probiotics of Gil Carandang, and Yakult, boy likes Yakult.

Writing this blog post makes me listen to the different theories in my head. Maybe indeed it is time for probiotics. Just take it slow.

Why I’m convinced this is candida related. A few days ago my nephew had a birthday party with a sculpted dinasour on his cake made of gummy sugar stuff with colorings. Heard from my wife and my own boy that he grabbed a big chunk of that sweet stuff and whatever chemicals were in it. My boy says he thinks his recent flare up happened after that eating incident. He attributes it to his learning experience. It’s important to learn from your mistakes.

So what’s the plan now?

– 30 capsules of virgin coconut oil every day. That’s 10 x 3 times a day. Boy can’t stand the taste of vco.

– Buy Yakult, 3 times a day. Will probably be the only sweet thing I’ll give him. I’ll switch him to non sweet fruits such as cucumbers. Are tomatoes really working for him? I’d better stop that tomato experiment. Nightshades.

– Buy OMX capsules. 3 times a day. Alternate with yakult. 2 days of yakult, then 2 days of OMX.

Sounds like a plan.

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