Child Eczema Warm Bath with Chamomile Tea, Epsom Salts and Baking Soda and Kidney Cleansing

Around 6pm this evening I got my boy on the alkalizing bath with 4 tea bags of chamomile tea, 1 cup of epsom salts and 1 cup of baking soda. Yeah, I know the formula said 2 cups of epsom salts, but I thought being too alkaline can be overwhelming.

I figured his body was excreting tomato allergen? Or maybe the inflammation causing tomatoes temporarily tapered down the functioning of his kidneys? I’m suspecting kidneys here. I tested his lesions with quantumin plus drops and the uric acid is in the left foot. You know this by putting a test drop on the skin and ask the patient if that produces a warmth / heat. If heat / hot, that means the quantumin plus is interacting with uric acid and neutralizing them. And this is why I’m working on the kidneys.

Come to think of it, we been working on the liver for weeks and not much on the kidneys. It’s time we gave the kidneys a rest. I’ll just have him go at a kidney cleansing day tomorrow. Diluted orange juice fast + raw duck eggs, maybe a water melon here and there. Boy says he feels itch relief every time he pees.

This evening I had him drink two glasses of avocado leaves tea with a little honey each time. This is his kidney cleanse.

This evening before bed he felt a sudden surge of itch and ta dahh, blood in just one gash spot on his left lower leg. Blood is good. Last night it was eczema. Blood is good. Maybe his body, now bereft of any medicines, even if those medicines were anthroposophic, his body is now working its way to detox itself. Push out all the poisons. Maybe that spot had some connection where and it just had to blow.

Why blood is good? Blood is cleansing, blood is nourishing and blood is healing. Where there is blood flow, there is life, there will be eventual scabbing and eventual healing of new skin.

We were going to try some pyroenerge before bed, but it seems he wore the wrong shorts. His swim shorts, produced some kind of static shock with the pyroenergen and he was in pain with his left butt, while at the same time he touched me and I had some shock too.

Ah well, tomorrow is another day. I plan to do 5 pyroenergen sessions with him at 30 minutes each session. Have the body accelerate its healing and just do it, do it fast. I’m the impatient type. Maybe do another alkalizing bath.

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