Child Eczema Cure: OMX Probiotics Therapeutic Dosing Begins

We are entering a new stage in my boy’s healing. I feel it is time for therapeutic doses of probiotics. We began with lacto strains in liquid form. Now I just bought OMX probiotic capsules and will start with 5 capsules a day.

I also discuss the root cause of this eczema and how we were able to almost cure it until today’s status. We are almost there… going now for the jugular, for the win.

The beach / ocean swimming fishing and overnight stay seemed beneficial.  The lacto bacilli liquid drink probiotics from Herbana Farms seems to be effective, I’m now topically wiping them on.  The alkalizing baths with epsom salts, baking soda and chamomile tea seem to be effective.  The raw paleo diet plus supplementing with raw fats from butter oil seems to be effective too.  The pyroenergen was good too.

Topicals we have been using the lactobacilli probiotics as a topical.  Tried aloe vera, he didn’t like it.  But my boy likes Moroccan Argan Oil very much just like vitamin E capsules… I favor the Argan oil, it has an easy dropper.  With this Vitamin E thing, I also gave my boy some raw sunflower seeds.  Instinctively he ate some at first.  Then did not want to do anything with it afterwards.

When we get the chance to get raw milk, we do get them.  On the way home after our beach vacation we passed by Vander Gaditano’s farm for some raw cow’s milk.  Yesterday morning I was lucky to have bought some fresh raw carabao milk at the wet market.  Boy and his siblings like raw milk.

Dinner last night was raw squid and raw beef.

Current status and progress: Healing.  It seems we are drawing out the last eczema points that need to be drawn out.  You can see and feel his skin at the back of his legs and on his left butt cheek, it looks like an old battle field with gigantic healed flat scars… and a few left over active ones that seem to be subsiding as well.  It’s time to go for the kill… the win.

If you remember, this entire eczema fiasco blew up last September / October 2011 and we think the final trigger was the probiotics of another brand.  It may have been just pushing out the bad guys, or because his intestinal condition was truly dire and at breaking point at that time.

The root cause of this boy’s eczema was diverticulitis in his large intestines filled with impacted feces.  This diverticulitis had not been diagnosed. But the symptoms over the years took its toll: malnutrition, tuberculosis, almost deathly intussusception, and this almost body wide painful eczema.  The wrecking of his large intestines had reached his small intestines and massive leaky gut ensued as manifested in eczema.

This impaction of feces in pockets in diverticulitis had gone undiagnosed even with multiple coffee enemas and water enemas.  It was only when we did olive oil enemas were we able to dig out the impacted feces from the pockets of diverticulitis. It was only the arrival of Barefoot Herbalist’s LBB capsules that his large intestines were able to instantly operate on their own.

It was the administration of strict raw paleo diet, orange juice fasting, and raw fat therapy with premium raw organic duck eggs that allowed the healing of his small and large intestines.  Thanks to the raw paleo diet community, barefoot herbalist mh and Aajonus Vonderplanitz.

It was the support of Dr. Divina Hey-Gonzales’ anthroposophic medicines via intravenous and oral means that our boy bought some time and nutrition in his blood while we waited for his large and small intestines to heal and take over that job they are supposed to do anyway.

Thanks to the thoughts of Michelle of Kansas at about probiotics.

My order of OMX Probiotics arrived from my friend Jackie.  Expensive stuff.  Last night I gave 3 capsules to my boy.  Do not chew.  Just drink before meals.  I plan to give 5 capsules daily to my boy. 2 capsules in the morning before breakfast and 1 capsule in the late afternoon when they arrive, then 2 capsules just before dinner.

OMX is a pretty good brand of probiotics and I swear it has worked for me during the time I needed it to repopulate my gut flora.  OMX is well known in the health aware community in Manila and it is expensive.

So I’m hoping we go for the win and finally quench this battle. The raw paleo diet for my boy will go on. I have to be vigilant. I think his intestines were not made for the current cooked civilized diet of the 21st century. He can only cheat so much. The boy needs original specifications human food, I have to help him with his upcoming growth spurt in his coming teenage years. He’s already lost so many years of growth due to malnutrition due to the cooked diets of civilization.


  1. michellekansas says:

    it’s too early to introduce other people anything, becasue you’re not so sure yourself. But probiotic is a good thing, that’s why I introduce it to you and other people.

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