Child Eczema: Morning and Evening Food Menu and Regimen, First time Himalayan Salt Bath

Today I’ll give you a walk through of what I have to do as a parent of a 10 year old boy who is at the winning end of his eczema battle. Dedicated for all you parents of children with eczema.

Yesterday late afternoon when my children arrived from school, I had to:

5pm – tell my boy to drink 1 capsule of 5 capsules of OMX probiotics

5:30 pm – prepare his bath tub by asking him and a maid to pound a cup of himalayan pink salt, boil 2 kettles of water, make some chamomile tea

6pm – pour the concoction in the bath tub. Have him take a 30 minute soak. And to keep him there have him watch Tom and Jerry cartoons on my IPAD2.

7pm – Have him drink 2 capsules of 5 capsules for the day of OMX probiotics. dinner, make sure he sits beside me as I feed him raw beef and raw fat.

7:30pm – Wipe some lactobacilli liquid probiotics on the back side of his legs, and some on his crotch. Dry by electric fan. Then wipe some Moroccan Argan Oil on the same spots.

8pm – make sure he brushes his teeth (wife takes care of that) have him sleep.

Today, this morning

at 6:30am – went to the wet market with car and driver, bought raw wild ocean squid, bought raw wild ocean tamban fish, bought raw wild ocean tuna fish (very nice today).

at 7:00am – Administer the boy’s breakfast: drink raw carabao milk, to drink 2 capsules of OMX probiotics, wipe some Moroccan Argan Oil on his said parts, feed him raw tuna fish sashimi. Make sure the maid packs his lunch box with various fruits and raw tuna.

at 7:30am – they are off to school with the driver

I lectured to him yesterday evening as I caught the maid feeding him a mouthful of their cooked pork in soup and rice… caught him cheating red handed. As I’ve suspected he cheats by eating bites of his classmates’ lunch at school. I said he was cheating himself and that the only reason this has taken so long to heal is because of his cheating himself. And that I’m tired of administering all this daily grind to heal him. I have OTHER children to attend to.

I let him cheat at times with roasted pork in front of me, and I’ve had him eat fried chicken for 2 whole days and he knows first hand by experience that pork is neutral, but that chicken is just a killer.

As you notice, it is also a battle of educating the child to stand up on his own. As I will not be there 24 hours watching him.

By the way, the 1 cup of himalayan salt bath was wonderful it seems. Along with 4 tea bags of chamomile tea.

My next trick today will be to try glycerin on parts that seem to thicken. There are very small minor parts. And I want my boy’s skin to be perfect.


  1. where can we buy himalayan sea salt? thank you

  2. I buy my Himalayan sea salt at

  3. Hi! I came across your blog while researching about eczema. Very informative blog. May I know where you buy Moroccan Argan oil. I had little eczema but in recent months, I noticed my eczema worsened and I noticed what seems to be fungal infection because it became first a pinkish spot which grew from 1/4 inch in diameter to 3/4 now. I have more of the small circular dry spots which can become very itchy and some turn into wounds because of scratching. Do you suppose Pangasinan salt can also cure? I noticed my legs heal after spending a day on the beach maybe because of salty water? What is special about Himalayan salt that cures eczema? Thanks

  4. I buy Argan oil here . They have a shop in White Plains.

  5. Hi there! U can try gettin himalayan pink salt from bizu! They have finely ground himalayan salt for a really good price. Also, read up on licorice tea baths to soothe eczema flare ups! Hope this helps 🙂

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