Child Eczema: From Argan Oil to Glycerin while taking OMX Probiotics

There are no bad effects from taking the lacto probiotics from Herbana Farms and now with OMX Probiotics 5x a day, there are no side effects that I can see. We used to use Argan oil to moisturize drying skin. Now switched to glycerin.

I heard about glycerin in the raw paleo diet forum where an Australian guy was sharing his success with glycerin for his dry cracked heels. While my son is into rapid healing of his skin, he is getting these dryness problems and that is why we have been putting on Argan oil 2x a day. I tried glycerin on my boy behind one knee first. He felt some warmth. And then said it felt so much better, better at healing than Argan oil. So after a few days we made the switch. Since yesterday my boy has been doing just glycerin 2x a day.

What do I know about glycerin? People around the internet say it is pretty safe. I will see to it my boy stops using this after 7 days maximum. Then let’s see how he does on his own. I’ll record it here. Last day of glycerin on February 25.

OMX Probiotics today I upped his taking to 7 capsules. Will do 7 capsules again tomorrow. Will give 10 capsules a day afterwards.

Diet wise the boy is not happy with pure raw paleo diet. I let him slide to some cooked meat at times like this dinner time he had roasted duck… one of his favorite foods and it is torture for him to see his siblings eat it and not him. But I got to make a deal with him so he ate a good deal of really raw beef fat and some raw beef muscle and a touch of bone marrow before he got started on his cooked duck.

Yesterday my boy and his siblings played the harp in Fort Bonifacio high street. For snacks I bought expensive raw nuts (almonds, brazil nuts, macadamia nuts) and ordered raw fruit shakes… made sure they didn’t put any of their “syrups” in them.

Yes, my boy has a life outside this eczema blog. You won’t notice his eczema when he wears pants outside. And he can wear shoes now.

child eczema playing harp

My boy playing the harp in Fort Bonifacio High Street

Update morning of Feb 20, 2012: My boy and I were talking about the glycerin and he says that it does heal the eczema spots, but new spots come up. Aha moment! His intestines are not finished healing. This means more raw food, more probiotics and more fasting and probably more ocean trips. Healing from the inside is more important.


  1. mira cajan says:

    hi sir, im mira a medical rep from omx probiotics pasig. i find your blog helpful especially to patients with psoriasis and eczema. by the way, how many capsules of omx does your son take for eczema?

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