Brand New 2012 Version of Website

March 7, 2012 marks the day of the launch of the latest revision of the altruistic website  After months of agonizing when this website will be done, it was finally done.  This time with all the bells and whistles we wanted in a website. 

  • We have now shifted fully to WordPress and moved the website from to , we have dropped the old CMSMS framework.
  • We are now using a special Studio Press Premium Theme called Eleven 40 which is purportedly CSS3 and HTML5 in that we can see the columns automatically adjust depending on the size of your web browser.
  • Thus we can now accommodate optimal viewing whether you are on a desktop machine with 24″ monitor, a smaller flat screen, a laptop, a netbook, an ipad tablet, an android smart phone or iphone.
  • Moved the mailing list from Feedburner to Mailchimp.
  • We now have a QR Code!  Try it out.  Whip out your QR Code Reader on your smart phone or tablet and snap up our QR Code at the top banner!
  • New easy to share post buttons!

If you notice any dead links, please comment on that article.

Technically, this website is now a model for our future work at FYI, my income comes from being a website developer and network administrator and email provider.  Our company maintains websites and servers for several companies on a retainership basis.  We have been in this business for 12 years, so we know a thing or two about websites and email.

I’m sure more work will be put into this website to have it shine with technical excellence for our future customers.

For the readers of this website, with this new technology it will make my life as an author easier and the work smoother so you can expect better updates and layout.

As for my old readers, I hope by now you are all well and cured of your eczema or psoriasis.  All it takes is a commitment to going back to a raw paleolithic diet and lifestyle.  Detox protocols are chump easy.

Remember, if you know someone who is still sick of psoriasis or eczema, tell them about our website.  Share us on facebook or twitter.  Let’s cure everyone.

Best wishes,

Edwin Casimero



  1. christine says:

    i have psoriasis on my scalp that is very embarassing always itchy and seems to be covering a greater area than before. help

  2. Christine kazenzia says:

    Am 24 yrs old with eczema for last 4year and have not found cure for this condition.have been on steroid which do more harm than gud,please help me.what does paleo diet consists of?

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