Child Eczema Cure Podcast March 26, 2012: Orange Juice Fast, Salt Water Bath, Party Food

My 10 year old boy is on Summer Break! We now have a chance to concentrate 100% on eczema cure protocols, on healing his guts, maybe parts of his large intestine, some on his small intestines / leaky gut.

In this podcast I discuss our plans for today:

– Orange Juice Fast
– Salt Water Bath

And last night’s legal for eczema party food. Which turned out to be slightly seared salmon. Nothing else on the menu was allowable for eczema: cooked chicken, farmed shrimps, curried eggplant (nightshade)… I know the chef did her best Thai food theme, but eczema needs are different.

For the first time I tried doing a podcast. Hope you appreciate it. It’s on youtube so you can hear it with any computer, tablet or smart phone.

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