Child Eczema: Beach Visit. Fructose Overdose? Candida? Switching to a temporary Raw Carnivorous Diet?

My 10 year old boy went on a beach trip with siblings, cousins, grandparents and the rest of the extended family. Except for mommy and daddy (me). We just packed his fruits and raw barbecue beef. It was just overnight. Total of 2 days. No raw milk… he’s getting constipated on that already. They went home last night. Heard he didn’t touch his raw meat. Just ate fruits. What a total disaster!

Disaster maybe, but very telling and predictable. He had a flare up in the back of his left knee and a little in his groin. I suspect it’s just fructose overdose… candida thing… too much fruit carbohydrates. This I see this stage of his problem can be solved by going raw carnivorous for a few days.

Sear some fatty lamb, sear some fatty beef, raw fish… slice of lemon in water. Drink lots of probiotics. The sweetest thing for him may be yacon. All foods very low glycemic. And high in fat. Last night when he arrived I gave him a premium raw duck egg from pristine Palawan island. This morning I gave him a mini egg yolk liver flush, 1 raw duck egg and a tea spoon of squeezed lemon.

After an hour the liver flush had depleted the carbs in him and he was feeling weak. A glass of coconut water with coconut meat gave him some refreshing hydration and a small boost of carbs with coconut meat fat.

I will make compromises of searing meats or fish today, just so we can get rid of any fruit cravings. Even tomorrow. The trick is to have enough rawness in the meats. I will also be feeding him constantly probiotics. Get rid of the fruit overdose candida from the 2 days.

I tried a green juice of cucumber, celery and parsley, but he didn’t like it much.

I lightly fried a small fish called “dalagang bukid” using bone marrow as cooking oil to get his carnivorous appetite running. He has an appetite for seared lamb in a few minutes for lunch.

He didn’t enjoy the beach water so much as his open wounds were in pain due to the sea water. But at least he got some good sun.

Yesterday I got a new supply of Morrocan Argan oil from The Souq shop in White Plains, put some on his wounds last night. Speed up the healing from the external side of things.

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