Child Eczema Progress while on Cold Mountain Vacation full of Treks with Probiotics, Raw Beef, Organic Wild Fruit and Argan Oil

We just concluded a Mountain vacation in Sagada. The weather there was a sharp contrast to the summer heat in Manila. Sagada was cool and wonderful. My 10 year old boy was cold but he found satisfaction under the sun, and in front of a fire, and slept with a thick blanket. The challenge in this trip was the food. Way up in the mountains, there was no real access to fresh sea food, and the meat there was usually only commercial pork, and commercial chicken… where my son is allergic to chicken.

Thus we brought with us 2 big packs of fatty raw beef never frozen from our usual great suppliers. We stayed at Rock Inn, it was a good hotel, and they kept our raw beef in their refrigerators.

The great part about the food in this area is on the way up, we bought fresh Ilocos garlic, we got sea salt, we got calamansi, we got freshly ground pepper, and raw wild honey, all the ingredients needed for our raw beef barbecue recipe… we also brought with us a good pair of scissors.

Cold mountain air means dry air, means my son’s skin and the last remaining eczema may experience dryness, Moroccan Argan Oil to the rescue, I bought a new bottle, but my boy tocked over the bottle in one clumsy evening and most of it spilled on a bed. We saved just enough to last through the entire vacation week. We put argan oil on his right arm, his loins, the back of his 2 legs.

The food I approved for my boy were the great fresh raw organic and wild fruits in Sagada. We got mountain grown yummy carabao mangoes… they tasted different and looked a little different… they tasted way better than the Pangasinan mangoes. We got mountain bananas. We got mountain papayas. We got mountain wild blueberries, wild strawberries. And we got mountain grown passion fruit. All raw paleo diet approved!

The meat was a challenge. The hotel had some beef, but it wasn’t fat… so I contributed our stash so that my other kids could eat good fat even if cooked in tapa form. They had bulalo or souped beef shank. There was the usual pork, but the salted pork the etag, my kids found too salty. I’m not giving my boy any farmed fish like bangus or tilapia. So for the rest of the week my boy ate some cooked pork or some cooked beef with an equal amount of his raw beef and raw fat. And when I got duck eggs in the Sagada market he had raw duck egg yolks. ¬†When I got raw beef bone marrow in our last leg in Baguio City, he ate raw bone marrow.

child eczema vacation on horse

Could not get away from cooked meat, he would feel left out with his 2 siblings, his mom and the nannie. He’s 10 years old and will get emotional if I pushed during vacation.

So my strategy was to bring a big bottle of the lacto – lactobacilli probiotics from Herbana Farms. I tried giving my boy 2 tablespoons 3 times a day.

Sagada trip was wonderful and educational. We went through dangerous treks up and down mountains, waterfalls and caves. Best of all was the weather… total cool spring joy, clean air, clean water, clean wild raw fruits in season. Great sleep.

The boy made good progress. Again it may have been immense if he had been 100% raw. His loins / “singit” are smooth and very well. This evening he said no need for argan oil there, I said, last one tonight. His right arm and back of his legs are sometimes itchy, but blood comes out. Blood is good, blood is healing instead of eczema that keeps it open. Just keep the argan oil there and the healing will continue… just keep it moisturized with the best oil I’ve currently got.

As you can see our protocol is simpler these days. No anthroposophic or homeopathic meds and he is doing fine, great. Meat is good for him. Fruits are good for him. No water, no plain water. Get hydrated from raw fruit and raw meat and raw fat. If extra thirsty from treks, hi drinks from my bottle which had calamansi and some honey juice.

We are back home and the vacation was a total success both for fun and his skin / intestinal progress.

Never forget that my child’s eczema is not a skin disease, his was intestinal damage beginning with the large intestines which progressed to the small intestines.

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