Child Eczema and Chicken Mite or other Parasite Infestations

I had thought that the vacation we did up in the mountains of Sagada may have been the final straw to help cure our child with eczema.  He was progressing absolutely well even with partly eating cooked meat during the vacation.  But when we got back to Manila in his skin began getting worse again.  He started feeling pain again while bathing.  Even when I put him on an absolutely raw paleo diet.  I would have to guess that his internal organs may have already healed much and we are looking at external causes.  And this is supported by the fact that I started having itch rashes problems on my limbs, arms, legs, feet.  Even our driver neighbor had the same rashes.  My visiting sister in law who was pregnant had a tummy and chest full of bites.  Even her young less than 2 year old toddler had a few bites in his arms.

That’s it.  Mite infestation problem.  Suspecting chicken mites.  We’ve had a long standing complaint with our neighbor raising more than 20 fighting cocks and the infestation of mites may have come from him.  Maybe he uses anti chicken mite pesticides on his chickens, and where do those mites go to?  The neighbors of course.  Some with us.  We have 4 remaining chicks growing up.  We’ve also got a domesticated wild boar.  And us humans as well.  I’d read that if these mites were not able to find the birds or rats in which to infest, they’d be biting humans.

My child with open sores of eczema seems like a good candidate to infest.  I experimented with an anti-pest concoction I mixed: virgin coconut oil + oregano oil + clove oil.  Seems to be working for me to relieve the itching.  Seems to be working for my boy too.  But when the itch comes back, I need to put again.  This is not a permanent solution.  We need to get rid of the pests themselves.

I had gotten an agreement with my wife that we may have to get pest control experts.  We may have to fumigate with chemicals.  Ouch, chemical pollution.

I had talked with the neighbor and asked what he used against the chicken mites, he said he used a brand called “wash out”.

My in laws have a fancy vacuum cleaner that has a water container that traps dust mites, it should trap the same suspected chicken mites.  But we have to be very careful about disposal that it must be immediate and out of the compound lest they crawel back in.  I’ve asked our new maids to thoroughly vacuum the walls, then the beds, then the floors.

I will have to buy some boric acid to get rid of any cockroaches and I don’t know if it works on mites too but it is worth a try.  I saw some cock roaches.  And from experience boric acid is very effective against cock roaches.

We’ve agreed we need to dispose of all the pet chickens.  We just need to convince our 8 and 7 year old kids to cull them.  We may need to even have an early butchering of our wild boar.  She’s scheduled for butchering for our child’s birthday in June.  But May will just have to do.

I’m off now with our driver to see if we can get some pest control materials I’ve been talking about.  And also talk to pest control companies.  As always, looking for the least toxic to humans solution.

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