Child Eczema Parasite Infestations Chemical Insecticides – Not Organic

Forgive me for I have sinned.  Due to lack of knowledge in home and garden parasite controls and the urgent need to get rid of parasite infestation of suspected chicken mites, me and my driver drove to the very near poultry supply store and bought cheap and common pesticides / insecticides.  We bought “Wash Out” for chicken ticks and Malathion for a host of other insect pests.  Our strategy was as follows:

1. Use a powerful vacuum cleaner with water solution to get at the mites in the home.  Vacuum the walls, the beds and the floor.

2. Mop the floors with the shampoo Wash Out.  Let the liquid stay for 30 minutes.  Then rinse mop it out.

3. Spray Malathion on all the external walls of the house and the concrete walls of the compound.  Carefully avoiding spraying our garden plants and grass.

Our poor child eczema boy can’t join the rest of his siblings and cousins in the new summer pool.  Thinking he’d be no fun with his eczema, scabs and maybe blood.  It’s not much now.  We are back on track with healing once I concocted the anti-pest oil for him with a combination of virgin coconut oil with oregano oil and clove oil.  This keeps the pesky parasites out of his skin and he’s not scratching.  Every chance he gets to get out of the house he goes.  This morning I sent him to his friend’s house.  He does not itch outside the house.  Our house is the problem.

In addition I got a mosquito repelling bulb place out the front door… hopefully drive away opportunistic mosquitoes.  I taped up screens which had gaps.

This evening I had all the kids sleep over at their cousins a few blocks away.  We are drying and airing the house.

My wife and I had agreed that all the animals had to go, be butchered early, remove any possible left source of mites.

I’m typing this in my computer and it seems my chair and my table has some mites in them still.  I have the notion that I will have to ask my driver to also spray the house inside with malathion.

What’s good about malathion is the stink.  Bad strong smell means the insecticide is active and present.  I’m not into buying odorless insecticides.  This is actually the first time in many years I can remember we used insecticides.

It’s good that I am getting bit by the mites.  I can use myself as a barometer of the effectiveness of our anti parasite infestation efforts.

The air conditioner with the 3m filter is on, two electric fans are on, the electric mosquito killers are on.

I’ll attempt to sleep in this house as the guinea pig of the insecticides.

Here are pictures of today’s anti-parasite efforts:

Call for help! If you know of more natural, less toxic means of getting rid of chicken mites, please add a comment below.

P.S. Here is something I just found… bleach vs mites: How to Kill Mange Mites with Bleach Yes, bleach seems like the safer bet indoors.

P.S.2 Spraying diluted eucalyptus oil seems to be effective against mites!

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