Child Eczema Cure New Momentum with Pest Control, VCO, Clove Oil, Oregano Oil, Wheat Grass, Celery, Pineapple, Taheebo, Transfer Factor, Calendula Cream

My child with eczema turns 11 next month.  The momentum we lost when we went back to Manila after our vacation in Mountain province is back.  Child eczema cure now back on track.  This blog post lists what we have been doing these days and why they may have been working.

1. We spent a bundle on home fixing.  There were 8 sacks of dirt from the mud flood of 2009, dirt stuck in our ceiling.  The ceiling was torn down, cleaned, half of the wood replaced.  The new ceiling was treated with non-toxic alternatives.  We used coffee for wood staining and beeswax with olive oil for varnish.

2. We realized mange or chicken flees / mites / ticks from our neighbor’s chickens so we’ve been pressuring him to get rid of them.  But at the same time we sprayed our garden walls and the house exterior with insecticide.  The floors we mopped with “wash out” mite treatment.  Inside the house with sprayed ceiling, attic, walls and windows and beds with a combination of eucalyptus, clove oil and oregano oil in water.

3. Just yesterday I asked all the bed sheets to be laundered with eucalyptus oil to get rid of mites.

4. Got my son to get some sun by biking in the village, at the same time eating wild aratilis fruit.

5. Followed his appetite for fruit in season with sineguelas.  Followed his appetite for organic celery and pineapple juice sold by an organic grocery.  Yesterday we made our own.

6. Been giving him wheat grass juice (instant) sweetened with honey as a drink 1 or 2 times a day.

7. Giving him taheebo tea 1 time a day.

8. Having him drink Transfer Factor 3 capsules a day.  Transfer factor is just a term the manufacturers use since they had processed or purified beef colostrum and put it in capsules.  It’s what we have with vitamin D at home.  We also have pure Vitamin D3 but I’m wary about balance.  I feel sunlight and transfer factor is more balanced than pure vitamin D3.

9. Diet is Raw Fruit in Season (sinegualas, papaya, mango, blueberry, strawberry) – Raw / Rawish vegetable (wheat grass juice / celery and pineapple juice) – Rawish meat ( seared beef / seared lamb/ ceviche fish / raw duck eggs)

10. Forcing him to bath properly and soap properly. (papaya soap)

11. Since he is lazy, forgetful or does not like urine on his skin, I mixed VCO, clove oil and oregano oil to disinfect his eczema wounds 3x a day.  And for the inflamed scratches, calendula nappy cream to sooth.

My wife just got back from Palawan with pristine raw duck eggs so this morning is the 2nd straight morning liver flushing.  Yesterday with lime juice instead of our usual lemon.

We are being rewarded for our expensive efforts with a clean home and me not getting bit by mites or ticks and my son’s skin showing marked improvement again.  The momentum is back.

I experimented giving him all cooked meat for a day or two, but his intestines are not there yet.  Rawish, rare, raw meat he can handle.

Some of the old recipes his instincts say he doesn’t like anymore like coconut meat, or coconut milk with raw fish as ceviche.

Good that he has taken a liking to celery with pineapple… and he likes some wheat grass juice (albeit instant)… but those instant wheat grass juices aren’t so bad… at least he gets vegetable nutrition.

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