Oral Health, Acid Alkaline Balance, Essential Fatty Acids, Essential Oils for Pestilence, Orange Juice Fasting

From my writings lately we have been busy with pollution avoidance and cleaning up our house roof with 8 sacks of 2.5 year old mud from a previous flood in 2009.  We finished the roof with coffee and beeswax for that chemical free treatment to avoid the pollution of chemical varnish.  Turned out beautiful.

We then focused on pestilence, suspected tick, mite, flea and other insect removal by spraying the outside walls with insecticide then the indoor walls with eucalyptus oil and clove oil and oregano oil.  And we kept on spraying and spraying.  And with various other essential oils combination from the Messy Bessy brand.  With tea tree oil, with rosemary, with lavender, with lemon, with peppermint.  The electric mosquito killer is still running.  I might get a mosquito coil later and smoke the house with it.  I get bit myself.  which is good.  I feel what my boy may be feeling. 

Lately I got bit by some insect.  Really big welts that kept growing and growing in my 2 arms.  I tried different essential oils.  I found what worked this time was petroleum nut oil / hanga oil from Bicol province.  Lucky I bought some of that when a traveling salesman was selling it in Sagada town in Mountain Province.

We have been disinfecting our own soon 11 year old boy with a combination of virgin coconut oil, oregano oil, clove oil and eucalyptus oil.  It works to calm down itches.  And maybe to disinfect.  Lately a visiting cousin to my children, brought in her lice and head tick  / kuto infestation.  We got into spiking our shampoo with 10% eucalyptus oil and using a shower cap to keep it on for 30 minutes.  Then washing out.  Then using a special anti tick comb called a suyod on the hair of our children.  Lucky my 11 year old boy does not sleep with the rest of those kids… he sleeps with me.  And we turn the air conditioner on the entire evening.  The purpose of which is the lower the humidity and temperature so that mite proliferation is minimized.  Manila in May is hot and humid summer.

Our boy has been lazy with shampooing and diet and anything lately that I tell him.  I had to turn on drama and anger mode and let him cry his heart out that he’ll go to school still sick.  That got him started on the right track again.  So we are doing new things I couldn’t get him on board to do all at once.

Oral health – oil pulling 3x a day spiked with 2 drops of oregano oil.  Then tooth brushing at night with calendula toothpaste spiked with baking soda.

Essential fatty acids – he is now able to take 1 teaspoon 3x a day of green pasture blue ice royal – butter oil / fermented cod liver oil blend.  He says he’s really sick of raw eggs… must have been overdosed during the intestinal healing time.

Diluted Orange juice fasting on alternate days.  2 days ago he did one day orange juice fast.  Yesterday break to eat.  Today orange juice fast.  He’s too young or maybe chickening out on 3 day fasts.  The purpose of this is to cure any leaky gut left.

Acid Alkaline Balance – when eating, the compliance of this boy with eating raw meat is not to my standards.  He therefore has a problem with acidity of cooked meat.  I’m trying to balance this by pumping him with alkaline forming foods.  Good that he likes wheat grass juice… albeit instant with honey… but you know kids, its fun for them.  He got into liking a neighbor’s organic celery juice with some organic pineapple juice.  All a part of his raw / cooked meat paleo diet.

2 days ago he got into an alkalizing bath.  The one with 2 cups of epsom salts, 1 cup of aluminum free baking soda and 4 tea bags of camomile tea.  Yesterday I experimented having him drink some camomile tea.

Notable with our newly cleaned home is I’ve brought in our indoor plants, 9 pots so far.

And for the past 2 days I’ve been using the Pyroenergen on him for 2 times a day to speed up healing by alkalizing his body electrically.

Summer vacation is almost over.  June and it is back to school.  So there is a rush to get well.

As you can see from my blog posts we do everything in conjunction with one another.  This is holistic healing.  Total everything.

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