Cure Tooth Decay Protocol using Oil Pulling with VCO and Oregano Oil

My son was complaining about tooth decay. A molar in his lower left quadrant was painful. Lucky for him I had just read about improving the cure tooth decay protocol of Rami Nagel. Aside from high fat, low carb and good greens and avoiding sweet fruit… there was also the thing about cleaning your mouth, disinfecting it, allowing the tiny tubules in your teeth to be able to repair themselves. I owe this insight to a combination of the Mouth Matters book author interview and the insights from the 2800 year old man.

My new weapon against tooth decay was virgin coconut oil with 2 drops of pure oregano oil from barefoot herbalist MH, 3 times a day, gargle, swish and pull for 10 minutes each time. It removes all left over foods and leaves the teeth really clean and fresh. At the same time one evening I applied clove oil directly on the tooth. Tooth pain gone. And 3 days now of faithfully oil pulling with vco and oregano oil is doing the job.

My son was lucky because I’m into this thing too. I’m on raw paleo diet and I’m waiting for my 2 teeth to regrow after the fillings had come off. I had seen that my cure tooth decay via raw paleo diet wasn’t working. And the last thing I needed to do was just to oil pull with vco and oregano oil meticulously 3x a day. And when doing this I could feel my teeth healing. I mean it. In just a few days, firmer, no pain, I’m probably imaginning that the cavity gap beginning to close. It’s a subjective or imaginary thing. But any pain or sensitivity to cold is not there anymore.

Works for me the dad, works for my boy. This is part of his eczema cure protocol. Any infections in the mouth, bad oral health, affects everything.

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