Markedly Improved Indoor Air After Bombing with Garlic and Onions

If you have been following my eczema cure blog you may have read our quest for clean indoor air, pollution avoidance. Our home was ravaged by a mud flood in 2009 and only lately did we clear out the ceiling which still had 8 sacks of mud / soil / dust in it. Whatever creatures or germs grew in there we suffered for it. We’ve sprayed our outdoor walls with agricultural insecticide, inside we’ve sprayed with various essential oils from eucalyptus, to clove, to oregano, to lavender, to tea tree.

These past 2 days while my wife was away I lit away some 5 mosquito coils a day. Then for 2 straight days too I bombed the home with platters of freshly cut red onions and powerful freshly pounded garlic. We used ilocos garlic, the powerful wonderful smelling variety. I even threw some 8 handfulls of the onion and garlic combo on the attic part above the toilet. Let it stay there.

Of course after each day, I turn on the fan, and the aircon with the 3M filtrete, and the dedicated air cleaner with micropore technology. And this afternoon, I had the maids vacuum the house again with the anti-dust mite vacuum with the water thingy. Ahhh… markedly cleaner air. The aircon keeps the humidity and the temperature lower, which makes it less hospitable for mites to accumulate. We also keep the electric mosquito zappers on to kill mosquitos.

My son and I attribute the markedly cleaner air due to the garlic and onion. Seems to be germ killing, pestilence crushing. I remember a stage in my boy’s really bad illness where we surrounded him with garlic and onion. Now this house needed treatment. And it seems to be working.

I will probably repeat the onion garlic treatment tomorrow and the next day. See how much more improvements we can get.

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