Switching to Petroleum Nut Oil for Eczema

In my other blog, I tell my story of how I was helped by petroluem nut oil for my big bad welts. If it was working for me, why not try it on my boy. I’ve noticed that we have been switching from one anti infective to another as the weeks go by with my boy. Maybe this time, it is the turn of Petroleum Nut oil to do its thing.

I have noticed that the action of petroleum nut oil is to drown out and collect and expel at the central points the toxins. And then scabbing takes place. That was with my welts. With my son, it seems to be beneficial in that along with the oral health and orange juice fasts and rawish paleo diet, petroleum nut oil too has helped heal his right arm. Yes, that’s right, my son’s right arm is almost healed. Hope it does not break out anew.

So we’ve got these parts that have healed: his loins, his stomach, his butt… and hopefully finally his right arm.

We are inching our way to success. This evening, my son says, his two legs at their backs itched and he thinks they were a good itch as it seemed eczematic fluid and blood were going out.

My theory is that we are at the end of the healing process and that whatever toxins that need to go are those just left under his skin and maybe muscle. Not much from his intestines anymore. I could be wrong so let’s wait and see.

Still watching over this boy night and day.

We are wondering how long this petroleum nut oil stage will last.

What is Petroleum Nut Oil?


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