Child Eczema Progress with Vacations, Sleep Overs and Birthday Party

Our boy, our child eczema subject just turned 11 years old! And a happy 11 year old he is. His eczema has progressed well despite the laxity in his diet, which shows his intestines are beginning to hold up. Note that we have proven to the boy that raw paleo diet is best, orange juice fasting helps, cooked meat paleo diet is not as good, but it keeps him sociable and less cranky… though he visibly deteriorates on too much cooked meat in consecutive meals without breaks. For example one time he felt a fever / flu due to too much cooked meat, then lately he developed a mouth sore / singaw. All signs of too much cooked meat or even horrors… cheating, like eating rice or a birthday cake slice.


child-eczema-status-20120601 click to see full size picture

The past weeks he and cousins and aunts and grandparents went vacationing in a beach. I wasn’t there and his mom wasn’t there. I think he did some oil pulling… just virgin coconut oil, no oregano oil. Probably some tooth brushing with a herbal toothpaste. He probably ate cooked meat and rice.

Then there were all those sleep overs in our house and sleep overs in cousins’ house. Staying up late. He survived those.

Then there was the birthday party with our home fattened wild pig. I blogged about it at Birthday Party with Wild Boar “Piggy Power” Cooked 8 Ways

I think there were some 2 times he did an orange juice day.

We dropped the petroleum nut oil after 2 days. He said it was making him itchy.

His bathing habits are better, less pain.

Status of his skin: loins are well, butt is well, tummy is well, left arm well, right arm almost well… let’s see if the healing holds up. Back of the legs still have visible spots but are all healing. Top of his left ear is healing

Every chance I get to do pyroenergen, I know it does a lot of good. It’s erratic. If I can do him 3x a day for 30 minutes each, that would be swell.

His oil pulling with oregano oil works with my badgering. But getting him to tooth brush regularly is still a challenge. I have a bottle with baking soda, that’s his tooth paste added to calendula tooth paste.

I’ve been spending on instant wheat grass powder with honey. He likes that stuff as a drink. The problem is his siblings like that too.

He loves smoked wild deer meat. I found a supplier.

Less work and attentiveness from me lately. School time is almost here. If I see that the wild pig pork meat seemed good for him, I may look for organic pork sources for him for his school packed lunch.

I got him his own dry skin brush. That should help. He’s getting the hang of using it.

I put hydrogen peroxide 50% with water 50% in his ears today as part of his oral health.

When he gets itchy, he puts a spot of my mixture of virgin coconut oil, eucalyptus oil, clove oil and oregano oil.

I’ve got new essential oils ordered via ebay. Thieves and OraMD are coming.

Overall, things are getting better. Child eczema cure progress marches on.

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