Bought an Inflatable Bed to Minimize Dust Mites and Other Creatures

After these past few months of disinfecting our home as can be seen in my previous blog posts, my wife’s attention turned to our boy’s bed.  That that was our old queen sized bed and it seems to have been 7 years old?  I’m not really sure if it is.  But it’s getting ripped at some places due to kids jumping up and down on it.  So I thought this might be a good time to try that inflatable bed minimizes dust mites theory.  So I bought a queen sized inflatable bed for 3,000 pesos.  My son liked it on the first night and the second night.  One problem I did see was that overnight the bed seems to be leaking air.  Grrr… seems I have to make a warranty claim on this thing.  I thought I’d just inflate it once and that’s that.

Yes, I admit and I have replied on my own thread about dust mites that yes they do contribute to environmental pollution and as parasites themselves.  Lately we have had chicken tick infestation via our neighbor’s chickens, and head lice infestation courtesy of a visiting cousin.  So we’ve been active in pest control.

I will have to do something about my boy’s pillows next.

So what of the boy’s current progress?  Seems he is ready for “sebo de macho”, a traditional white ghee like commercial preparation, super cheap and effective at making discolored wound scars vanish.



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