Eczema Returns on 13 Yr Old Boy, Eczema Cured Again with 2014 Eczema Cure Protocol

Summer months 2014 in the Philippines, March, April, May are very hot. Most Filipino children get into the halo halo craze. As do my own children. Wife tries her best and commissions our cook to make more “healthy” halo halo ingredients, some from scratch. We substitute raw coconut milk for the unhealthy “evaporated milk” most people use. But the problem with having house hold maids is they are TV traditionalists and requested their own “evaporated milk”. Which our young children then said they thought “evaporated milk” tasted “better”. Which both me and my wife think do not. [Read more…]

Henry Bieler MD explains emergency vicarious elimination aka eczema and psoriasis

In the continuation of Dr. Henry Bieler’s explanation of why you are sick and the reason is toxemia; he now explains what emergency vicarious elimination of toxins is. This is basic education that all psoriatics and all eczematics must learn and learn deeply. I and my brother have found these concepts to be true because we have been eczema sick and psoriasis sick and are now cured because we addressed these root cause concepts. And we were cured prior to ever reading Henry Bieler’s work. You should have the benefit of our hindsight and be cured faster than we did. [Read more…]

Michael Chin’s Herpes Virus Infestation Eczema Treatment

I’m happy to have stumbled upon Michael Chin’s blog and enjoyed his shared experience curing his family of a terrible eczema he describes as a retroviral herpes infestation variety.  There is much confusion about the word eczema in the western medical language.  It seems any type of itch that remains and does not look like a rash is branded as an eczema.  Michael describes his picture as herpes zoster but the title of his blog post is eczema treatment. [Read more…]