Psoriasis Treatment and Cure: Luke’s Journal Teaches You What It Takes Part 3

This is part 3 of Luke from Poland’s psoriasis treatment and cure journal. At this time I made a comment of how Luke seems to be rushing his detox protocols.


I started eat watermelons for my next kidney cleanse.But it will be only 2 days.ON 3rd and 4th day I’ll drink apple juice for next 5th liver flush.Apple juice is good for kidney cleanse too.I wonder what will show up this time.

I’m ready to fight Cool


Have you tried fighting with the green juices?


I know all about Bieler’s soup now.I will add the soup to my 5 maybe 7 days on orange juice fast.It will be 27,28th of June to 3rd of July.



I feel terrible today.In the morning my nose was clogged, and runny in one Confused.I have a effective phlegm and spit the phlegm all time when I’m on high-carb protocols.I think that is the merit of being at high-carb days by now.I haven’t that when I am on raw LC or even raw ZC sometimes.Also, my scars became slightly tickle Sad.I had to drench them with cold water – it helps me when it happens.My have to be very locked Confused.But this is all for cure and I need to survive Dodgy.

Question – what about the juicer? I haven’t any by now.I have to buy a juicer in the next month.I was reading about Aajonus juices and he prefer Green Star or Green Life but they are very expensive for me now.So I need to buy cheaper option :rolleyes:Maybe this will be better then rest : ?
What kind of juicer have you got Shy ?



I ordered special eye bands to sleep.It helps relax the body very well – is associated with the production of melatonin.I need a best of rest Wink
My bedroom at night, unfortunately, is too clear Sad.
More here:

My and my girlfriend eye bands:

Today my 4th liver flush, wish me luck Wink




Hello all,
This morning I felt terrible.My belly was very hurt me.
I knew that the stones are moved up in the night.Nothing was after first coffe enema but only pain appeared below. So I drink a glass of water with tablespoon of epsom salt and I wait 2 hours and did second coffe enema.Then I felt a desire to cry after when I saw what came out from me this time Confused .But I’ am happy now.I feel much much better then before and I’m happy that I do not have this inside my body Smile

These are two photos (4th liver flush):

Some green olive bile Sad and small stones:

The biggest stones.Gush…they are really big Sad Big Grin:

But the second good messege is —> My butcher who sells fresh wild animals like wild boars , roes, deers phoned me and said he’ve got for me 3kg of fresh organs Wink I’m very happy by now.

I Need a good rest with my lovely girlfriend, eat some good quality nutrition and wait week to my 6-7 days second orange juice fast plus new recipe against toxins

—-> Bieler’s soup.

Greetings for all


Wow, monster stones!
Congratulations on pushing them out.
If you follow Andreas Moritz suggestions, he thinks a minimum of 10 liver flushes. Barefoot MH does not want to do so many liver flushes.
Maybe when you fast and alkalize with green soup / green juice your liver will stop producing green bile and shift to a healthier yellow bile and have zero stones in the future.


Hi ,

Today I start my first day of second orange juice fast (6 maybe 7 days).I put the Bieler’s soup in to my menu for these 6,7 days.After this fasting days I ‘ll make next photos of my psoriasis, but I have to hurry up becuse it is disappears quickly Wink . I know that I go a good way now Smile .My body works better day by day Smile .My scars are not hard —> so softly by now Wink I can freely use my arms Smile The skin is only dry in some places.

Next news from the front soon Wink

Luke Skywalker

Oh yes, it disappears really fast when things finally work.

I remember I never got to take photos of my left arm because it got cured in 1 night.

The force is with you young Skywalker…

I am very happy today. It is a payday in my job Wink.I had a case to my boss at work and it done successfully.

It is my 3rd day OJF.I bought many vegetables to H.Bieler’s soup – it’s not to bad but it is not raw Sad I have a first not raw meal after many months in my stomach.When I ate I felt like sweating.The soup was little warm, but the cold is better for me.I am thinking about next 5th liver flush —> when am I do this, there are 2 ways in my mind by now.
1).Do 5th LF after my 7 days OJF+B’S or
2).Wait few days maybe to 9th of july.
I need to think about this.I am thin now ( maybe slim is better word ) but I felt okay —> i have some energy levels on carbs Sad but I still have.

My H. Bieler’s soup:

Cheers 4 Ya Wink

Luke Skywalker

to be continued in the next post.