Psoriasis Treatment and Cure: Luke’s Journal Teaches You What It Takes Part 7

This is part 7 of Luke from Poland’s psoriasis treatment and cure journal. At this time I made a comment of how Luke seems to be rushing his detox protocols.

Hello all,
I do my 11th liver flush today.Yesterday I drink my apple juice and do 2 enemas one with water and a second coffe enema.Today I drink apple juice till 4 p.m. and next step will be water enema to clean my intestines and next hot bath in the tub (for enlargement of blood vessels) with sea salt ( for better skin hydration ).All time after this bath stay with hot water bottle on the right side where the liver is.Close to 9 p.m. I will do coffe enema and on 10 p.m. the most important thing to do drink olive oil and lemon juice mix.

Next day I do 2 enemas probably coffe and make some photos of green stones when these will be Wink .Then switch one day with orange juice fast and on the evening another the last water enema.

Monday will be normal raw paleo diet day Wink and look for the progress day by day on my skin.

Cheers 4 Ya

Luke Skywalker


So here I am.
Gosh this was amazing weekend.last night for me was like a big surgery without scalpel.See my photo of green stones , these were very very big.I don’t belive this was inside my body all this time.

So I will end up my today’s orange juice fast but my skin and being is very very well I feel like a newborn.

After few days on fat i decide to add new photos of skin becuse last time when I add them was summer time , so ceck my journal soon with results after this weekend big 11th operation.

Cheers 4 ya

Luke Skywalker


Last days I do my 12 liver flush there were few stones and one darker big like these few 1 month ago when I did my 11th liver flush.I put my stones to a jar with cold water to make photo later and today I see all stones dissolved to green liquid , so I put the jar to garbage. This time witout photo of stones but without stones inside Wink

I have still some rushes but very very little like pimples .My skin around them is little dry and wrinkled like crcodile skin.
I think it is only few percents of this when I did my first photo of my arms.


Luke Skywalker

Hello all ,

I wasn’t here long time. I done by this time 3 liver flushes with some stones in two .In the last one there were no stones .

But the happiest news is that I am eczema and psoriasis free in 99 % .

Next liver flush maybe this week and I will check my finish .
Forget paste photos of my clear arms and neck , sorry , I will paste them soon.

My son was born 15 march Smile so I am proud daddy now Wink


Luke Skywalker


Hello ,

So here I am once again in short time period Wink
Today with amazing photos after my anti toxins battle , some 14 liver flush after.

Check these out :

My left arm :

My right arm:

My clear neck :

So I will do next liver flushes and wait some few without stones and continue my super human raw paleo diet Smile Maybe this is the finish line of my battle ? I think it is .One whole year to cure eczema and detox my all body in great style .

So keep your eyes wide open and do all detoxes corectly , keep the diet and the good results will come soon.


Luke Skywalker

A reply from forum member – nielsz1972

Great results Luke.

I’m looking for more variation.
Can’t find enough foods to eat that are ok for my psoriasis.
Can you give my some examples of meals you eat ?
Like morning …….., afternoon ………, evening.

The Netherlands

Hello nielsz1972 ,

The most IMPORTANT Wink thing in win with eczema skin problems is diet.
Like GS said the best human diet is RAW Paleo Diet. This is the best way to cure many “disease”.

So my menu day is :
I wake up in the morning do my oil pulling 20 -25 minuts with olive oil or coconut oil sometimes with raw butter , and drink one cup of water with 3 grams of green french clay or another clay.

I drink whole day only spring water from glass bottle to 4 or 5 p.m.

Then I start my one big meal in several hours period maybe 4 or sometimes 5 , or even 2, 3 when i eat less.

I start with some fruits , like local fruits – especially in my climate zone berries , or exotic even but only from good source and only these with less of pesticide like avokados , bananas, some kiwi , or watermelon .

Sometimes at the start i eat few egg yolks with awokado and raw unheated honey this is delicious meal Wink and a lot of folic acid.

After 30 or 40 minuts i start with my 1 teaspoon raw fermented cod liver oil Blue Ice and eat my animal meal – the best to cure animal fat .

I prefer lamb fat , but sometimes I eat a lot of raw butter , but you must check this dairy foods , i have a bad symptoms after eat raw cream , or raw milk even from goat.So my lamb fat plus some meat and this is IMPORTANT too – organs raw organs from land or sea animals, i eat 1 day or 2 days in week some 200 , or 300 grams of raw liver from wild boar or lamb or goat or another animal , kidneys , hearts or sometimes spleen i eat couple of times in a week.Plus some muscle meats lamb , beef , sometimes duck meat , goat , wild animals like wild boar , roe. One time a week I eat raw mackarel from french coast.

So my proportions of makro nutrients is some 80-100 grams of protein, 200-300 grams of fat and 0 ( sometimes I have a day or few zero carb periods) so 0 to 100 grams of carbs.
I am 172cm height and 64 kg weight by now.

Don’t forget all food must be local food , or organic food and more the clean , the best they will be , grass fed etc.

My suggestion is to eat some 20 – 25 % less proteins when you have strong skin symptoms and eat a great combos of fruits with raw butter maybe or avokados , some raw egg yolks and some raw meat and organs and plenty of animal fat , raw honey to carbs is very ok.

And do your liver flushes and other organs detoxes. But i think liver flushes are most important to heal your toxicity.

One meal a day it is very good to let your body clean yourself in 15- 20 hours free food period.But you can do 2 meals a day and this will be very very good too.

i don’t use any salt or spices , oonly natural taste – raw taste.

Forget about this crazy food Wink — > high meats .

They are maturing meats like muscle meats or organs but maturing muscle meats are best becuse in organs you got plenty of minerals and vitamins , and they lose when you matures them . So I cut my meat in little pieces to better swallow them when they are good to eat them and put them in the big glass jar to less then half space in jar . The bacterias must get enough air to live , and then I put this to dark place and close the jar very strong .Air it one time or two times per day – few minuts , and after 1 month or 3 ( I prefer 3, 4 months Wink ) get the jar to outdoor in safe place and swallow few pieces or even 100- 300 grams before your animal meal – 30 minuts is enough or even 15 .

This is the best way to get plenty of good bacteria to your intestines and whole body , in sick body they like vacuum cleaners of old tissue.

Check this great forum :
Oh The Netherlands I like this country I don’t smoke now Wink but I have very good memories Wink crazy time Smile I have heard from many people that the Dutch have much in common with the Poles where i come from Wink you think it is true ?
This is all i think , maybe You have some questions – no problem


Luke Skywalker

another reply from nielzs1972

Thanks Luke for your quick reply.
I already follow Pagano’s anti-inflammation diet, but its hard to follow and I need more variation.
Do you have some other examples of suggested meals ?

I spoke al local farmer and I ordered some cow meat and cow liver from him.

Are there other cowparts I can eat ? His cows are 100% grassfed.


You can eat a lot from cow , raw beef steak tartare is delicious at the start , bone marrow , suet, kidneys, heart – Q10 is only bioavailable in raw heart , liver , spleen , brain ,eyes. But animal raw fat raw suet and raw bone marrow will help you . Raw fat is the key + liver flushes .

At the start of my raw journey I was eating steak tartares plus some spices , plus raw suet and sometimes egg yolk everything was mixed in blender but this is only good idea for start then switch to the little pieces of meats and organs , rawliver or little pieces of muscle meats you can even swallow , raw protein are very good digestible food. Another side is suet , you must bite it very well .

But for you the best way to do raw paleo will be 2 meals a day.

1 meal some fruist with carbs + some fatty fruit like avokado or coconut

Or raw egg yolks with honey and awokado this is delicious meal

Second meal I think you can eat steak tartare but get the lean meat + fat like suet or plenty of raw bone marrow , or mix just fatty piece of beef

Or get the raw fatty sushi style fish raw mackarel or raw sardines or raw salmon they are delicious .

try to eat more fat , some 1 – 1,3 grams of protein per kg of your body mass , 50 – 100 grams of carbs from fuits , honey .Plenty , plenty of fat from egg yolks , suet , bone marrow , fatty pieces of muscle meats , organs , fatty fishes , avokados, coconuts , raw butter if you can handle this the best raw dairy “product”.I think fat will be 150 -250 or even more if you get more phisical activity.Fat is our best fuel , carbs and ketones are good for our brain and some other organs and protein are our timber.But fat is ver very good to clean our bodies – only RAW fat remember Wink

Try some phisical activity to sweat your toxins out from your body.
But not to much .

Do your body detoxes , organs detoxes clean your intestines at the start enemas are good or some herbal but i prefer enemas they are more powerfull stuff, kidney cleanse with watermelon fasting – few days , and do many of liver flushes when you will not see green stones several times.

Change the chemical products around you and around your skin and hair , your air , shampoo , soap etc.

Change your air , take a tour to the forest and breat much you can , run and get another phisical activity in “clean” air areas.

And think in positive way , positive mind is most powerfull tool.


That’s it by now
Still in the game


Luke Skywalker

My own reply to Luke



Absolutely congratulations! You are a DAD! Big Grin
Double congratulations! You are a DAD and you are CURED! Big Grin

The better gift for your new son is you now know a lot about real health.

So your son can grow in love and confidence now that you the DAD know a lot.

You probably need to celebrate somehow, some way with a ceremony of sorts. Big Grin

How about a victory post in raw paleo forum? Or a victory post to share in the eczema cure website blog? Tooting a horn with confetti and balloons with your wife and son and your parents… A toast to you, my friend! Let’s see, a toast with a little beef blood will do… it’s better than red wine! Tongue

Hello ,

Well I don’t belive in this yet Big Grin.This is amazing , I feel too powerfull but it is very very good becuse me and my wife ahve got a child by now , and I am so happy that I can be with him with 100 % power I ever dream.I was very happy when my wife tell me she is pregnant , but now my son for me and my wife is like the best gift in our life , this is amazing feeling , our house is now a real home Smile

GS thank’s a lot one more time for your knowledge. You could write a great book about natural healing , healthy life , proper food to live better and longer and happier to the last days of life.

I am still in the game to help others and monitor me and my health every days , weeks , months and years. I belive I am cured in 100 % and I never experience the relapse of this ” disease”.

To better health raw paleo life style to the end of my life

April is pay month Wink

Cheers and all the best

Luke Skywalker

P.S. I want to watch the “Star Wars ” Saga onemore time Wink

Nielzs1972 asked a question:

What about citrus fruits like key lime, pomelo, citron, mandarin orange, orange ?

Can they be eaten or do the cause flare ups ?

I don’t eat citrus fruits , I use them only when I cleanse my body – liver flushing or orange juice fast , some people say about allergens in citrus fruits. When women are breastfeding they do not eat any citrus becuse these fruits can cause allergies to child.Another thing is taht citrus fruits have got many pesticides.I know fruits like bananas , kivi , watermelons , avokados these exotic fruits ( for us , I now You are from Netherlands ) are ok , they have a very thick skin. I don’t know what GS think about this.


Luke Skywalker

My own reply and suggestion:

I only eat oranges during orange juice fasting. It is not a native fruit in my country.

The native common fruit which is organic is calamansi.

I also use calamansi in my egg yolk liver flushes or for egg yolk liver flushing of children.

It is an everyday fruit in my country.

I squeeze it under my arms as my deodorant.

I also use calamansi as a dip for my raw oysters to disinfect them if needed.

When we have no coconuts or watermelon, I squeeze some 4 calamansi in a glass of cool water. Add a touch of raw honey for a refreshing drink. (lemonade ala philippines)