Vanderbilt Gaditano’s Healing Farm is a sanctuary for the sick and terminally ill looking for a cure

Some 2 weeks ago I was tapped to help heal a man diagnosed with terminal liver cancer / liver cirrhosis. Sticking to my role as the family healer, hobbyist, I did not have the heart to let a man die when I knew what was needed to be done. Since I’m busy with the business of running my company, I could only advice them by phone and by text the next days that transpired. I just jumpstarted his healing process, he made tremendous strides in elimination of the root cause of pain and discarded all drug use, unclogging what was supposed to be a cirrhotic liver, and the beginning of detoxification of foul, toxic, waste from deep within his liver. [Read more…]

Various Liver Flushes, Continuous Liver Flushing, Enemas and Coffee Enemas

In the old days I was patient enough to have heeded the advice of old time liver flushers to space liver flushing 2 to 4 weeks apart.  Looking back, it is really quite possible and maybe recommended to do many and continuous liver flushes every day or spaced closely apart.  I’ve been exposed to terminal patients and now I see the real need to do liver cleansing methods that will bring in results very very fast… it was a matter of life and death with my brother’s psoriasis (liver cirrhosis), the man with the tongue cancer (liver cirrhosis), and lately this man with the liver cancer (liver cirrhosis). [Read more…]