Dr. Henry Bieler: The Liver is the 2nd line of Defense against Disease

Dr. Henry Bieler of Food is Your Best Medicine (1965) fame clearly explains how the Liver is the human body’s 2nd line of defense; with digestion being the 1st line of defense. Dr. Bieler says and I quote: [Read more…]

Various Liver Flushes, Continuous Liver Flushing, Enemas and Coffee Enemas

In the old days I was patient enough to have heeded the advice of old time liver flushers to space liver flushing 2 to 4 weeks apart.  Looking back, it is really quite possible and maybe recommended to do many and continuous liver flushes every day or spaced closely apart.  I’ve been exposed to terminal patients and now I see the real need to do liver cleansing methods that will bring in results very very fast… it was a matter of life and death with my brother’s psoriasis (liver cirrhosis), the man with the tongue cancer (liver cirrhosis), and lately this man with the liver cancer (liver cirrhosis). [Read more…]

Sand fly bites, welts, Christmas feasts, egg yolk liver flush and itchy detox

This is an on-going blow by blow documentation of my sand fly bites – 20 plus bites – from Palawan – which may have infected me with protozoan leishmaniasis, malaria or who knows what exotic microbes they have there.  What is significant is I came down with a severe cold, mucus… can you believe it?  Being on a mostly raw paleolithic diet the whole year I have never gotten a cold… except after those 20 sand fly bites. [Read more…]