Various Liver Flushes, Continuous Liver Flushing, Enemas and Coffee Enemas

In the old days I was patient enough to have heeded the advice of old time liver flushers to space liver flushing 2 to 4 weeks apart.  Looking back, it is really quite possible and maybe recommended to do many and continuous liver flushes every day or spaced closely apart.  I’ve been exposed to terminal patients and now I see the real need to do liver cleansing methods that will bring in results very very fast… it was a matter of life and death with my brother’s psoriasis (liver cirrhosis), the man with the tongue cancer (liver cirrhosis), and lately this man with the liver cancer (liver cirrhosis).

I would like to make it clear that I am not advocating the daily liver flushing with chemical epsom salts.  What I’m talking about is the daily liver flushing with gentle food like the egg yolk liver flush by Tsetsi paired with coffee or warm water enemas.

First let’s review that there are various liver flushes available and I believe you should try them all.  Different methods of liver flushing will produce different wonderful liver cleanses and you may need all of them.

The apple juice fast or apple juice 1 liter daily for 1 week method as suggested by Andreas Moritz. Suggested for first timers.  The apple juice softens stones and expunges stuck up cholesterol and bile which reduces fatty liver to normal.  Diabetics or sugar sensitive individuals should not use this.  See

Hulda Clark’s liver flush with epsom salts. Epsom salts are chemicals.  So if you don’t like chemicals, use sparingly, space widely 2 to 4 weeks apart.  Purges very cleanly, your stones are not mixed with your poop.  You will poop out pure stones.  Very nice for photography or stone collecting.

Dr. Kenneth Sutter II’s superphos and coke liver flush. A different kind of preparation, softening and cleansing with the Superphos or Ultraphos and coke, strong chemicals, make sure you rinse your mouth so your teeth don’t get eaten.   I experienced flowing of my liver for several days.

Tsetsi’s egg yolk liver flush is powerful, gentle and uses purely food. The original recipe called for egg yolks, peanut oil and limes.  In my country limes are rare and peanut oil is rare.  I’ve gotten away with using egg yolks, lemons and virgin coconut oil or butter.  The advantage is this is so simple, you can liver flush children with it.  And you can do this daily for some 4 to 5 days.  And you can liver flush anytime.  Best if combined with 2 warm water enemas, or experiment with coffee enemas.  You must learn to do enemas yourself to get the full benefits.  If you are lazy not to learn enemas, get a fast acting colon cleanser like colosan or dr tam’s miracle tea 2 hours after you drink the potion.

This case with the liver cirrhotic liver cancer will convince you that the egg yolk liver flush can just be as powerful as the other more popular liver flushes

You must learn how to do enemas.  You must buy your own enema kit.  You must buy pure organic coffee.  You must learn how to do enemas on yourself.  You need to practice.  A good coffee enema can mean life or death to a person in great pain and suffering from toxicity.  See this example,

Admittedly, many eczematics and psoriatics are not at the level of dying as terminal cancer patients… but my psoriatic brother was.  Looking back, my brother almost died.  He did actually feel like dying and voiced it out during the very first liver flush he did.  I had to give him 2 doses of epsom salts and relief only came when he pooped out the toxins which came from his liver.  Looking back, the better protocol would have been a liver flush from whatever of the above you choose and after 2 hours a coffee enema or a warm water enema, followed by another warm water enema.  Make sure the sick is fully hydrated with vegetable juice or not so sweet fruit juice for electrolyte balance.

If I or my brother had known about this liver flush and coffee enema techniques and the logic on how to combine them, we would have cured ourselves much, much faster.  Why wait months, when you can be cured in a few short weeks?  This is progress, it is 2009 and it is time to heal people faster, better, smarter.  If you had money and access to a healer who knows all this stuff and can implement this on you, go ahead and check into his center and be well, immediately.  Just remember to learn how to do this yourself so there is technology transfer to you.

Tomorrow I will be visiting a healer I just heard about who has his own farm, grows his own herbs, vegetables and fruits, and grows his own livestock.  He heals the terminal cases and I just referred to him my recent liver cancer charity case.  Just reminding readers that I am not a professional healer.  I am the family healer for my family, I will heal them personally and be at their side day and night.  If you need professional help, and personal attending, you can call up my old herbalist Manang Lorna Reyes or this new professional healer who I will be featuring in my next articles.

Going to professional healers for treatment does not excuse you from participation or learning.  The only time you will truly be cured forever is when you have learned what it takes.  Let it sink into you.  Read more.  It may take a few months out of your life but you will be eczema and psoriasis free.  Promise to teach others, this is the best way you can repay this debt of gratitude.  Refer them to this website if you don’t have the time.


  1. Hey! Im 25 and I used to suffer with debilitating period pain,constipation, low energy, depression and irritability. Now all thats gone and I owe it all to coffee enemas. Ive been having them once a week (or sometimes more) for the last three years. After I have had one I swear I feel I can see clearer, I feel empty in a good way and all the above symptoms are no more!!

  2. gud pm eesc,
    can we do the egg yolk liver flush for 20 straight days? i stopped at two flushes and the lesions started coming back again.

  3. my recommendation is 4 straight days. Rest for the next 3 days. Then repeat the cycle. But it all depends on how you feel.

  4. thank you for your reply eesc. it sure is a battle. the eczema is still raging on and my right foot is inflamed. two weeks ago, i couldn’t walk because of the swelling. i don’t understand why, when i’ve been doing the flushes , coffee enemas and a semi-raw diet. Reluctantly, I had to resort to amoxicillin bec. i didn’t know how else to stop the infection so i can walk again. A week after, the lesions started coming back and getting wider. Our laundry lady said it might be witchcraft. I’m at a loss now. I don’t want to go to a derma and be drowned in drugs. But then again, i don’t see improvement. Perhaps I’ve not done it thoroughly and not enough. I’m at my wits end.

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