Psoriasis Cured Bugoy is getting fatter and getting married

Bugoy visited me last night with his fiancee.  It was my 4 year old’s birthday party and we had a Japanese inspired semi raw organic home made food.  He was fatter than last time I saw him.  He is at the edge of normal on the BMI scale at 5′ 4″ and 140 pounds.  The true test whether he was cured was when our wheel chair bound 83 year old grand mother had the chance to touch Bugoy and feel his skin, including his fat tummy.

Bugoy looks jolly good with jolly round cheeks.  Bugoy has a stable new job and is earning enough for himself.  Bugoy is well enough his marriage date on February 2009 is good to go.  Bugoy is even gunning at working outside of our country in some high paying job.  And this is all possible because he is cured of his psoriasis.

What I mean by cured is Bugoy knows the cause, Bugoy knows the cure, Bugoy understands his body and the tools he needs to keep him healthy.  He is currently fat because he eats lots of rice with cooked meat.  He knows he can turn to a raw paleolithic diet in case in the future he gets in trouble.  He keeps checking on his bowel movement and colon health.

Lately Bugoy has trouble hearing in one ear.  When he was young he would go to a western medical doctor, the doctor would give him anti-biotics and put a tube in his ear.  Now he just calls me and asks.  I advised him to put quantum mineral drops inside his ear.  If that wasn’t enough, extra virgin olive oil overnight to soften old ear wax.  Then the next evening 1 part store bought hydrogen peroxide and 1 part purified water.

So Bugoy knows antibiotics are bad for his health.  Bugoy remembers doing some 4 VCO detoxes to get rid of candida.  He’s not making the same mistake again.

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