Oyster Cure? The best zinc supplement in the world!

Could many cases of eczema and psoriasis have begun or resulted in zinc deficiency?  Is zinc deficiency the undiagnosed elephant in the room?  Is the US RDA for zinc too low?  Are our foods depleted in zinc?  Are our food choices too low in zinc?  Do zinc supplements work and at what dosage?

If you will trawl through this website there were times when I took zinc supplements, even one time I took a month long zinc supplement to try and cure leaky gut.  I remember feeling nothing, no difference, no effect.

I’ve cured myself of eczema, yes, but I’ve always had the nagging feeling that I’m not strong by leaps and bounds.  Cuts and wounds do not heal fast, I think they heal too slowly.  I am sensitive to insect bites more than others.  Last December 2008 I shared with you my sand fly bite experience.  You would think that with my health improvements I should have shrugged off sand fly bites as easily as my wife does.  But I do not, what could still be missing?

When I ask myself these questions it means I’m ready to experiment again.  I want what the really healthy people have, the ability to cure wounds really fast.  I want old scars to disappear.

A few months ago I developed a negative feedback spot on my right eye and it still wasn’t healing.  I could see the seeming damage on the whites of my eyeball.  I want that to heal too.

This time I chose zinc.  My clue was poor wound healing.  A short trawl on the internet showed zinc.  And since I have been a raw foodist for more than a year now, I just needed to know which food was the best source of organic, active, useful zinc… the unanimous answer was OYSTERS!

I have good memories of oysters around 2002 when I made it a point to eat at least 2 meals if fresh raw oysters every week in restaurants for more than 1 month to raise my sperm count so that me and my wife can overcome secondary infertility to make our 2nd child.  I did before and after sperm analyses and wound up with a 300% increase in sperm count density from 100 million per ml  to 300 million per ml.  Absolutely awesome results.

I have bad memories of oysters last year when I bought Cavite grown raw oysters in our market.= and ate them for lunch.  In the same evening my body was violently trying its best to expel the poisonous oysters I had eaten.  So this is what “red tide” feels, I said to myself.  I was ready with tree iodine to counteract the poison.  I was ready with a fast acting herbal colon cleanser to clear my colon fast.  But these weren’t enough and my body resorted to puking the nasty oysters out.  That polluted oyster experience was terrible!

A few months ago I tried again to find clean oysters and found myself traveling with my cousin to Bulacan province to get some imported oysters from Iloilo province.  They were good oysters, but to have to travel to Bulacan just to eat clean oysters is unreasonable far.

So I found myself in a dilemma.  I needed fresh raw oysters but I have to find suppliers that were clean and fresh.

I went back to the restaurant where I used to eat raw oysters in 2002.  Bad news.  They said they do not have a good supply of oysters lately, so no oysters in that restaurant.

I went back to our Marikina wet market and the only oysters sold there all came from the polluted waters of Cavite.  No thank you.

I trolled the internet and found references to a restaurant called Oyster Boy.  Last Saturday evening, February 7, I invited 2 cousins to have dinner at Oyster Boy in Cubao, just beside Shopwise supermarket.  Their clame to fame was “Oyster Boy: Fresh Oysters flown in from Iloilo daily”.  Wow, that was just what I was looking for.  I had the plain oyster platter and they served it with regular commercial vinegar, spiced with their secret recipe and some cayenne.  Good dip, but the vinegar was a commercial chemical.  The oysters were not too small, not too fat either, but they were clean.  I felt no ill effects.  In fact, I woke up well rested, and my eyes felt great, my negative feedback spot on my right eye was noticeably healing!  That is less than 24 hours after eating a dinner of just oysters and I heal that much, this was so good I had better do this again.

Next morning Sunday, February 8, I went to Cubao Farmers Market and bought bagged oysters allegedly from Pangasinan.  These oysters were conveniently hand picked and put in a bag of salt water and submerged in ice cold water to retain freshness.  Hey, it’s convenient.  And it is so darned cheap at only 60 pesos per bag,  I bought 2.  I even bought another 2 kilos of live clams from Sorsogon province for dinner.  What a pig out.  The following day I could feel the sand fly bite remnants, the inflammed cuts on my feet with the scabs healing…. healing fast.  I had a good night’s sleep.  I woke up refreshed but wanting more sleep in a nice kind of way, you know, when you are recovering from an illness you want more rest because you know more healing will happen if you do rest more.  That was the clincher.  It seemed my body has sensed it has healing material available and would like to make use of it to do unfinished business.

In the various websites I read about zinc deficiency they say that zinc is responsible for hundreds of different enzymatic actions.  If one is deficient in zinc, those hundreds of different enzymatic actions will just not happen.  What are those?  I don’t really know specifically.  But I can tell you I felt great.

Now let’s not overdo the oyster bit.  So the following day Monday February 9 I instead ate raw beef.  Beef they say is the second highest zinc content.  I also had a craving for cashews with raisins.  Maybe it goes well with the oyster experiment.  So the next few days I cycled beef, oysters, cashews and raisins.  I still had my fruits for hydration.

On Tuesday I had oysters again.  This time from Roxas City.  I had asked my driver to buy at Farmers Market.  He bought from a different vendor and had a plastic bag of fresh raw oysters from Roxas City.  They were different.  They were very large, very fat.  I had experimented just like last Sunday with different types of organic vinegar.  The coconut vinegar, the virgin coconut vinegar, the cane vinegar, the can vinegar spiced with cayenne.

Wednesday I had Bulacan / Pangasinan oysters again for lunch and this time I used freshly squeezed lemon juice and some rock salt / sea salt.  They call this oyster rockefeller in restaurants.  I think this condiment tastes better than vinegar for a change.  My boys liked it.  Now I had the confidence that my suppliers were selling my clean oysters, I could feed the oysters to my children.

Memory flashbacks, fond memories of my parents used to buy oysters at least twice a month and we would feast on oysters on a Sunday lunch.  Maybe that kept us healthy.

Thursday I had a lot of raw beef again.  But after that I felt my body had too much beef already.  I think I want to skip beef for a couple of days.

This Friday I pigged out again on oysters for lunch and I fed my boys more oysters this time.  Did the lemon juice and salt combination.  The lemon juice is there to neutralize any possible harmful bacteria, same job with the organic vinegar.  I was so stuffed I had no appetite for dinner.

Results I’m getting?  My eyes feel great, I’m well rested when I wake up.  The scab on me left foot from the wound I had had fallen off an the skin completely healed.  My sand fly bite remnant marks are seeing breakthrough improvements.  I have an old scar on my left arm and it too is beginning to heal.

Joy of joys, my eye cup has arrived in the mail.  I can now use Dr. Schulze’s Eye Bright Formula to finally heal my right eye.  And with my cayenne tincture maturing, I can take a couple of doses of that too to make sure my possible eye injury heals completely.

How much raw oysters have I been consuming at each meal?  I would say they amount to some 2 full cups by volume each meal.  I feel really full each time.  I have to give some to my kids otherwise I can’t finish it all.  If you look at the US-RDA for zinc, what I’m consuming is way off the charts.  If it says 15 mg per day, I may be consuming 1,000% to 2,000% above US-RDA for zinc with these oysters per meal.

I am going to eat more and more oysters continuously until my body says stop.  Lately with being a raw foodist this is what they call instinctive dieting.  Follow your cravings.  I will find out and reach my oyster ceiling.

My plan is to give my body as much oyster nutrition as it needs so it can repair all the little things that need repairing so I can be a superman.  With this much oysters imagine what kind of fertility, what kind of libido you get.  Ah wonderful side effects!  Stand aside viagra… super oysters can do so much better!


  1. What sources of zinc supplement is good? I have gotten a message from my WDA association on a new product call Gluzin, that is manufactured by extreme V (www.extremev.com). Is there a difference?

  2. Raw oysters are the best zinc source. Far second is raw beef. I do not bother with supplement. Real food rocks the most.

  3. ComboSolution says:

    Thanks for the feedback. But what is your feel of combos? Both natural and supplements, or would I be in danger of taking too much? Because sometime there is no good source of fresh raw oysters and well, raw beef just doesn’t sound so appetizing?

  4. In my experience with myself and the other people I helped, it is real raw food that works amazingly well with no danger of overdosing. The human body knows what to do with real food.

    You can learn to eat rare beef, rare steaks very easily, then progressively less heat.

    Raw oysters you will be able to find if you look for it.

  5. francis says:

    you said 1000- 2000 %

    so its about 150 – 300 mg of zinc

    and xcessive absorption of zinc can also suppress copper and iron absorption.




  6. Thanks for this post! I really appreciate this. My sister is having an eczema. She have now the same eczema image in your header and she feels hopeless. We will try your oyster story and give you some updates.


    This blog is not for you. This article is for those people who are suffering of deficiency disease, in the case of Eczema, it’s Zinc deficiency.

    Logically speaking, hindi ka pwedeng ma-overdose sa Zinc kung sobrang kulang mo nga sa Zinc?
    I think it will be bad for his/her health if hindi naman talaga siya deficient sa Zinc pero sobra sobra siyang kumain ng talaba. But anyways, thanks for the information you shared with us. I also appreciated it.

    If you think the blogger is exaggerating, let him be. Ikaw man yung gumaling sa disease na akala mo wala ng lunas? Hindi ba ma-e-excite ka rin sa pag-share?

  7. Francis is right; I understand intuitive eating but one should be very, very careful with zinc and other heavy metals. For someone suffering from eczema, the desire to cure it could easily lead to overdose. A doctor’s oversight is immensely recommended!


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