What are you able to do when you are eczema / psoriasis cured?

Just in case you are lazy or too mired in disbelief that your eczema or psoriasis can be cured, let me give you a glimpse of the benefits of being cured with what I and my brother are experiencing.

You can get a new job. You can get into new businesses. You can earn more money. Earning money gives you more possibilities. Earning more money means you have more money for more nutritious food. Especially now that you know what nutritious food really is.

You can get married. Bugoy just got married yesterday and partied like the rest of the seemingly well people. Getting married means starting a new family. Bringing forth new children of your own into the world. Marriage is still a desirable thing in our culture. There is no divorce.

You can be healthier than the rest of the normal people. Today I look younger, feel fitter and can do more things than I could do when I was sick. I turn 40 this year and I had no idea way back that I could be absolutely healthy and disease free, drug free, eye glasses free, white hair free, pain free and pot belly free unlike my own dad and grand dad.

Life is indeed a joy when you are healthy, when you know what it takes to be healthy, when you know it is not with blind luck that you are healthy, when you do not fear any disease in this world… because now you know better.

Being cured of eczema / psoriasis means you have studied the matter in depth. You really need to know fully well, have understood the true concepts of human health. Make your own luck. Make it happen this year. Love yourself.

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