Michael Chin’s Herpes Virus Infestation Eczema Treatment

I’m happy to have stumbled upon Michael Chin’s blog and enjoyed his shared experience curing his family of a terrible eczema he describes as a retroviral herpes infestation variety.  There is much confusion about the word eczema in the western medical language.  It seems any type of itch that remains and does not look like a rash is branded as an eczema.  Michael describes his picture as herpes zoster but the title of his blog post is eczema treatment.

I am quoting Michael on his treatment plan.  The blog does not seem to be very active as it is updated only every few months.  I do hope this gets the word out.  I saw Michael post on topix forums and he says he can’t seem to promote his eczema cure enough.  I give you now Michael Chin’s Eczema Treatment:

December 10, 2006


Eczema Treatment (herpes zoster)

There is a treatment which I have used to treat my 2 year old, my 7 year old, my wife, and I (after I caught the bloody thing).

It depends on the type of eczema, but if it is varicella or zoster related ie. retrovirus herpes based then I have what seem like an excellent treatment plan (so far its a 100% cure except for the 2 year old – see below)


1. Purchase cornflower

2. Boil a pot of very strong tea. Any tea will do, but the darker the better. Cheap tea is the best. Strong means something like 10 bags of tea in 200 ml of water. Boil it until the tea is as dark as possible. Strain tea and leave to cool. Keep tea at approximately 32 degrees celsius.

You will notice that if you cool the tea, you will get a white colored film on the top. This means that the tea is too cold and you need to heat it up a bit to dissolve whatever has come out of it.

3. Purchase kiwifruit:
Kiwifruit has to be the dark green variety with no yellow. That means even a hint of yellow indicates the wrong fruit. This problem is caused by cross pollination between the old kiwi and the new kiwi varieties. Get the old green kiwi variety.

It helps if the kiwifruit are hard, so they can mature slowly. Put them inthe fridge so they go soft slowly.

Pick a kiwi that is about 10%-20% soft. This is what you normally buy in a supermarket (well in Malaysia, NZ and Australia)

4. Make a bowl of cornflower paste. Wait until luke warm (under 40 degrees celcius). You can do this buy adding water to cornflower, mixing it then sticking it in a microwave for about 10 – 40 seconds

5. Wash hands

6. Cut kiwifruit in half, scoop out green pulp, and cut pulp into small pieces and add to cornflower paste. Mash kiwifruit into paste until paste is as green as possible.

7. Apply paste liberally to cleaned eczema areas (ie. have a shower before hand).

You will find it stinging after about 30 seconds. Leave it to sting (see below for model of why this works). Do not apply this on children under 5 years old as they will find the stinging intolerable and you will find it difficult to apply it later.

Leave it on for about 15 – 30 minutes. A good way to time it is to wait for the cornflower paste-kiwifruit to dry on the skin.

8. Wash off paste and look. Is there anymore bubbles? If there are, reapply as often as necessary.

9. When happy with result, wash the wound with warm tea. You will need a lot of tea to do this properly so I suggest you find anyway to apply the tea.

One way I have done is to make the tea into a tea paste using cornflower then applying the paste on the wounds for about 5 minutes.

To get the skin to heal properly, you can use fresh coconut pulp if you want to. It has to be sterile though which mean absolutely fresh coconut, blended with its juice, with the blender properly sterilised.

The fresh pulp also has therepeutic properties and can get rid of eczema for you.

For children
My youngest now dislikes kiwifruit paste as she was treated when she was under 2. It was absolute chaos what with the stinging, the crying and the wiping off.

Should I have to treat her again, then I would have liked to you Fijian cava in the mix as this has some anaesthetic properties and may reduce the stinging. I have not tried this but I hear that it works a little better.

The way to do this is make cava water, strain it, sterilise it (absolutely required), then add to kiwifruit paster when it cools to under 40 degrees celcius.

Cava is a drink drunk by Pacific Islanders much as people drink alcohol.

This treatment is useful unless you have an open wound. If you do have an open wound then use the tea only and wait for wound to heal

It is better to apply this paste when you start getting the itching. The itching indicates that the infection is starting to become active. It also means that you have approximately 7 hours before you become infective and have an eruption.

From my experience, the eruption is the spreading phase of the virus (hence how I got it – doing a massage)

Model of why it works

This is my explanation as to why this treatment is 100% effective for me and my family and a number of families and people that have used it.

Shingles, chickenpox, eczema, herpes all seem to be related by that damnable herpes virus in all its incarnations.

We are frightened of the word herpes because of its connotations about sexuality and the fact that there is a gigantic marketing campaign to make you buy some incredibly nasty drugs. Therefore, most people hide their eczema, take hydrocortisone and other drugs to reduce the visual effects of this infection.

Herpes is one of an uncountable number of viruses that infect us as humans. It is normal to be infected unless you are the bubble boy (Seinfeld). There is nothing to be afraid off. Once you have a cure that is simple, just apply it.

The model is as follows:

A virus is a small organism with a protein coat. While it comes in the billions, their small size mean that outside of a safe environment ie the infected cell, they are broken down quite quickly.

A viral strategy is to infect by numbers. ie the larger the number the more the probability of getting into a cell.

This model deals with this by exposing the virus, and the infected cell to a harsh environment. However, by using kiwifruit, tea and coconut, you avoid any toxic elements as you can eat the stuff. Therefore the treatment is totally safe (unless you are allergic to any of the above – if you are, don’t use the thing you are allergic to)

Kiwifruit has a generalised and powerful protease (and enzyme that eats proteins). In NZ, and where they grow kiwifruit, there used to be a lot of cursing by people that had to deal with the fruit pulp on a daily basis because it takes the skin off the hands.

The idea is that when an infection arises, you expose the infection to this protease. This destroys the viruses thereby reducing reinfection.

Reinfection is done by scratching or exposing yourself to a fresh outbreak or eruption of eczema.

Regarding the cells.

Herpes is a retrovirus and infects cells.

The model suggests that by applying kiwifruit paste to cells that are about to erupt, you stress the cell and cause the cell to break down before the eruption occurs. The multiplying viruses in the cell will not be ready and when the cell breaks the viruses will be killed.

The multiplying viruses are also under stress as the machinery of the cell is now dedicated to the production of the virus. Hence sick cells are unlikely to survive a kiwifruit treatment.

Healthy cells on the other hand are more tolerant and survive the kiwifruit treatment very well.

My hands used to be covered with eczema. When I applied the kiwifruit, only the infected parts by eaten into, and the uninfected parts remain intact. If you look closely at my hands with a good magnifying glass, you may see a small hole or two where the kiwifruit has eaten the sick cells away.

Remember, viruses are very small. Dont be afraid of them, whack em!

This is only good for surface application at the moment. It is not good for infections that are deep under the skin such as those in coldsores.

Using the same model, it makes sense to eat a wide variety of raw fruit and vegetables as this gets the cells on the inside.

I used to know a very smart man that was a nutritionist. He said that 70% of the ailments affecting the modern world is nutritionally related. I agree as I lived by this rule for about 10 years and was healthier than I have ever been (unfortunately today I live in a city with few resources).

Anyway, this is my very best treatment plan for eczema.

From: http://eczemafix.blogspot.com


  1. Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. I’d like to add part of your post to my blog, okay?

  2. This is a much earlier trial of the therapy I finally decided really works. Try fresh mangosteen pericarp paste (without the hard external skin – you scoop out the softer part of the skin [the mesocarp?]) and turn it into a paste. This was significantly better for viral skin infections. And finally, the best treatment was a week at the beach swimming and playing in the surf – this was the final treatment. My children are now 100 per cent healed.

  3. is it safe for hair (i have it all over my head) ?

  4. is it safe for hair (i have it all over my head) ?

  5. i tried ur remedy of kiwi but itchyness did not go , i a day how many times we should repeat this as i have psirosis in my both hands and left feet please do tell what to do asap

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