How to be cured of eczema and psoriasis forever… seeing the big picture of the cure protocols

Eczema and Psoriasis are merely words describing a collection of symptoms being observed. Some call it atopic dermatitis or whatever impressive sounding name your doctor may want to call it just to make a few bucks. The same dummy doctors say you are incurable so I say they are a bunch of useless idiots, stay away from them, they will cause more harm than good.

If you read the cure protocols section, you will see an underlying logic. OBEY NATURE. Obey the laws of nature and you may just win. If you do everything according to the physical laws of REALITY then you will find your cure. Not just for the symptoms seen on your skin, but more than that, you become truly healthy. The cure protocols is a cure for all diseases protocols. It does not matter what other diseases you may be diagnosed with, they will all go away when you are healthy.

Think of yourself as a pleomorphic creature. You transform depending on the environmental conditions. Say your liver is constipated, your kidneys are filled with crystals, you eat food that is unfit for humans… for example you follow the old US Food Pyramid that pushes grains, starches and breads… and you cook ALL your food… and you bombard your body with chemicals every single day…. your body has to adapt, be impaired, transform to something ugly… to survive! Eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne are all survival reactions. Given the optimal environment, internal and external, we are all beautiful… I can see that with the long timers in the raw paleolithic forum… it is an odd collection of pretty people… because they are obeying nature. Nature meant for us to be strong, healthy, active, vibrant, strong and beautiful.

The big picture begins with fixing the broken body. Fix your spine, choose your expert, chiropractor, dorn or both. Then clean it all out, this is where the detox protocols come in which includes colon cleanse, liver flush, kidney cleanse, intestinal cleanse, lung cleanse, skin cleanse, parasite cleanse, dental cleanse and whatever cleanse you can think of. Stop polluting your body… throw away all chemicals in your house and personal care products including soap, shampoo, detergents, flouride toothpastes, dirty and chemical condiments, deodorant, fabric softeners, cologne, after shave, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, ad infinitum.

Then feed your body with the most nutritious, present condition appropriate food. And for most eczematics and psoriatics, the digestive system is questionable… so you can’t just immediately switch to a high raw fat, largely animal based diet… what are you going to digest it with if your liver and intestines are not yet online? You may have to begin with fruits / juiced vegetables and raw fertilized eggs… very easy to digest… and as you detox and eat, detox and eat, you will feel your digestive capacity increase… and now we can get to serious nutrition with a raw paleolithic diet that is high in fat and low in carbs with a lot of raw animal food.

What about cooked food? Why would you go back to something that makes people sick in the first place? You could keep on self experimenting and keep trying cooked food every now and then. Basically, I’ve come to a point and realized cooked food is vastly inferior to raw food. Socials? Ah, with great health you can eat some cooked food for socials… and you won’t be enjoying it.

There will be change. A change in your lifestyle, in the way you perceive the world, in the way you perceive health. You will experience so much health it seems almost unbelievable. When I wrote the first version of this website I was just happy enough to be eczema symptom free. I used to think life would plateau and anytime in the future, eczema might strike back… but no… it won’t… it never will… because now I know. Now I know that the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis were symptoms of unhealthiness. That the unhealthiness was not just skin deep. The unhealthiness of eczema, psoriasis, acne, dermatitis is systemic. And superior health can be achieved by obeying NATURE.

Who wants to go back to the old made for television advertisement and commercialized ways of unhealthy living? Nobody.

I have been experiencing healthy progress by leaps and bounds I never thought I would ever achieve. I feel light as a feather, I have the strength and vigor of 20 years ago. I’m not afraid of getting sick, I do not expect to get sick… not on this lifestyle… no diseases in my future, one big less thing to worry about. I haven’t plateaued yet and it is exciting. I look forward to getting older, looking younger, getting healthier and livelier in the next few years to come. I will be 40 this year. I didn’t expect I would look and feel so much better than when I was 30. And I’ve only been cured of eczema since 2006.

We are lucky to be alive in the golden age of information. Information at our fingertips. It only needs a discerning self experimentor to weed through the junk and find the gems, the true healers, the true self experimenters, the winners, those who were cured.

With vigorous health we can do lots of things. With vigorous health your awareness, your consciousness increases… you are now more wide awake than ever… I know I am. Although it is kind of lonely being awake when you see most people are asleep. But you can find fellow friends who are also awake.

With my new found health I’d like to earn more money in my business please (I’m a website developer) and go on many vacations driving around the country. And with vigorous health you might take a shot at helping those others who are still sick, teach them so that they may be cured too. Let’s heal the world people. There will come a day when majority of the people will know what we know today. And life will be so much better for most.


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