Charles shares how to beat Psoriasis, just send him an email

I was surfing Youtube and searched for psoriasis and luckily stumbled onto a video with a man named Charles documenting his psoriasis journey and showing his progress on video. Awesome stuff. He has a special diet and a special shake. He offers this for free. Just send him and email. Wait for him to email you back.


I enjoyed his failed remedies page:

The following is a list of different medicines, programs and other such endeavors I have tried. Some worked to some extent, some didn’t work at all, I think others were total scams, some had terrible side effects while some left me wondering if they did any good or not and others were just way to hard to follow so who knows if they would have worked or not. This is just the opinion and experiences of one man. I think I’ve tried everything except injections…

Lots of Turmeric Spice
Water Softener or Water Softener Salt Baths
PUVA or Other Sun / Ultraviolet Light Therapies
Coal tar treatments
Topical Steroids
PSORIATANE™ (Extremely High doses of vitamin A)
Honey & Cinnamon Ointment

Dr Pagano’s “Healing Psoriasis” & Cook Book*
There is nothing bad I can say about Dr. Pagano. A number of years ago I ordered his book and the results convinced me once and for all that diet can and does effect Psoriasis. He references the work of a early researcher (Edgar Cayce) that shared this opinions and went to great efforts to put a nice reference book together that I think every Psoriasis sufferer should have. While I don’t agree with many of the food items he says we can or can’t have, the education was priceless. Dr. Pagano believes that Psoriasis is caused by toxins entering the body through the intestine, which according to him, in Psoriasis sufferers is much thinner than it should be. These toxins tax the liver and finally the skin, the results showings as Psoriasis. I am gracious towards his contributions. I did find however that the Pagano regimens were hard to follow, a bit vague in directions and some of the ideas promoted had a hint of quackery to them. This prompted me to design my own program much better suited to my busy schedule and more specific in direction and discipline. If you try my program or not I highly recommend Dr. Pagano’s book.

I’m sure you will enjoy visiting Charles’ website, send him an email, send him a donation.

Maybe his diet can be added to your cure protocol.



  1. How?

    Sherry ( Psoriasis over 40% of my body for over 30 years. I too have tried it all except injections.)

  2. lesley lizzie hunt says:

    will some one please help me with this psoriasis .44 years and still full of it

  3. Laura Freeman says:

    Hello, I am 35…I have fought psorsis now since I was 13. It seems to have gotten worse with age. If I were to “Let it go” I would be more than 75-80% covered. I used the tanning method for 10 years. But then worried about aging. So when I got a job that offered insurance I jumped on it and now see a dermatoligist. I am using clobex which has really helped a lot. I dont want to use it all the time, so I let it get “bad” before I use it. In fear my body will grow immune to it and stop working. Any suggestions?? I am to the point to laying down the cigs and doing a total flip flop on my diet. I seem to eat “all” the wrong foods! I just want to see if all the change in diet and stopping smoking will make it go away.

  4. Hector Romero says:

    I know this sounds very vein but, I think I’ve come across the cure for psoriasis. There have been two times in my life where I have had them begin to go into remission the problem is, it’s tough to stay on top of this.

    To explain it in a nutshell is the following. Thousands of different types of organisms reside in the gut. As for psoriasis, this is important because it is the foundation for a string of chain reactions which affect our skin. Basically by eating certain foods that have certain proteins, those organisms can bind with those certain proteins. The gut lining will not allow the organisms alone to penetrate into the body however, if they are attached they will travel with their partner protein that was allowed in. This in and of itself, is the cause of many auto-immune diseases. So to stop this process you must do two things 1) stop reintroducing those bacteria (typically found in meat and meat by products, citrus, berries, processed grains, mushrooms) and stop feeding those bacteria by not eating primarily the foods they fed off of (as mentioned above) and also stop eating things which are or contain sugar (sugar under all it’s names, high concentrate of fruits, high fructose corn syrup, honey; as well as things considered high in the hypoglycemic index such as, corn, peas, carrots, potatoes). Can you see why it was difficult to stay on this?

    My New Year’s resolution is to just do it and get it over with. It will be a tough battle but, I’m going on 40 and have been struggling with this for 17 years. IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!

    Also, the times I was able to go into remission was doing the above in conjunction with an exercise regime of no less than an hour a day, no less than one gallon of water a day, and no less than one hour of sunlight a day. It’s all important!

  5. Santiago says:

    People, I’ve tried Charles’s diet… IT WORKS!!! The improvement in your life is going to be massive! This diet was designed by someone who knows the condition extremely well! This guy took the time to put this stuff online for free to help others and is doing it! The key for this diet to work is to stick to it 10000%. You have to do the diet, stay away from ALL the things he advises you to stay away from , otherwise, it doesn’t work. Another big advantage of this diet is that is super healthy, you are going to lose weight in a natural way and you will re-gain chemical balance in your blood. You will also save lots of MONEY! You will stay away from stuff that you don’t need and trust me, as soon you start seeing how gorgeous you’re gonna get, you will stick to your diet and you will make it a new life style. If You have psoriasis, please try it! Thank you so much for curing me Charles! A big hug from Venezuela!

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