Bugoy is fat and totally cured of his psoriasis

Bugoy passed by this evening.  I was surprised to see how plump he was with a round tummy.  I was happy to see him just like any dad happy to see his baby boy – we are some 11 years apart so this is why I sometimes mistake Bugoy for my son.  What really made me smile was that as I caressed his plump arms, I could feel them really smooth… as in really smooth.  Sure his pores have some vestige look of being enlarged, but now he is smooth as I hugged my plump baby boy.

And then I asked Bugoy about his feet, he says they are just as smooth as his arms.  Wow, well and good.  You readers might also like to know that Bugoy got married last February 2009 and now we have learned his wife is pregnant with their first child and is due to deliver on January 2010!  How about that?  His “thing” still works after all those years of being diseased.  How’s that for total psoriasis cure success?

Why is he fat?  He says his office gives unlimited iced tea.  Grrr…. that’s just sugar and caffeine.  Maybe he is still on a cooked rice based diet, you know the food pyramid with lots of carbs.  He says he stays away from wheat.  Plus every now and then he juices wheat grass.

Happy happy happy happy.  Happy for Bugoy.  He’s hard at work concentrating on his career now.

So who wants to be psoriasis cured next?

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