I teach Psoriasis Cure at Psoriasis Help Organization UK Forum

I thought I would reach out to all those poor suffering British people still sick of Psoriasis in their Psoriasis Help Organization UK Forum. Time to battle it out with the narrow minded who do not believe in cures. This is a full scale assault I’m pouring on, let’s see the tolerance of the moderators when it comes to CURES with NO CATCH, FREE, NOT ADVERTISING.

So the moderator Roger didn’t like it when I placed a link of my website www.eczemacure.info on their forum. I will play by their rules. No links. Let’s see how many people we can cure over there.

The Goal is to make the Psoriasis Help Organization UK to succumb to the onslaught of cure testimonies from its own members. Cure them by the hundreds I say. Succumb to TRUTH that psoriasis is curable right here, right now. Grassroots campaign.

If you are one of those I have helped get well, chime in and join the conversation. We will need to grow our army of cured brothers and sisters for force the large institutions to accept that cures exist and cures work and bring peace, health and happiness to the world.

These are the sick defeatist minds we have to conquer and heal:

just saying if this is ” the wonder cure ” why aint p cured?
fed up listening to so called miracle workers and the so called miracle cure and diets on here .
it will never work, so dont waste ppl’s time with this c**p


although your intentions maybe good willed

the one thing psoariasis sufferers dislike the most is the use of the word cure

there is NO CURE there is a remission and the likes but there is NO CURE

im sure i speak for all members ( for those i dont sorry )

what your brother has experinced is a remission in his psoariasis due to the routine he has encountered which would then be best left up to the individual to take up on if he or she feels like doing

but i stress again there is NO CURE

Then “the no cure paradigm” is the FIRST PARADIGM they must overcome.

I do not believe that the popular incurable diseases are incurable. Believing in incurables is unscientific. Believing in incurables is more like a fanatic religion. What is worse is believing in incurable diseases is a self fulfilling superstition.

Every year I get more balls to go heads up against narrow minded opposition. Conquer doubt with irrefutable evidence and testimonials. Convert the sick to being “the cured”. Soon our cure movement will grow and everyone in the world will know the CURE.

Visit my thread at Psoriasis Help UK:
Topic: I’m eczema cured. My brother is psoriasis cured. Not advertising.


  1. nand kishore says:

    hi, teach me how i can cure my psoriasis—–i got most my life,please give some advise to cure it—–thank you nand

  2. MichaellaS says:

    tks for the effort you put in here I appreciate it!

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