Bugoy and I toy around with the idea of publishing Eczema and Psoriasis cure books separately

My brother Bugoy visited us last night to help celebrate my eldest son’s birthday.  It’s been a while since we got to talk and sit down together.  I brought up the idea of maybe publishing an eczema cure book from my point of view and a separate psoriasis cure book from his point of view.

Bugoy seemed to like the idea somewhat.  He’s busy with his professional career.  He just accepted a better offer that’s 5 minutes away from his house and his wife is pregnant with their first child.  So I understand he’s busy.  But maybe when his career has settled, he will find the time.  I’m to going to write his psoriasis cure book with his inputs.

With this much trauma we experienced in our lives with eczema and psoriasis and spectacular results plus repeatable results with many people using the same concept, it would probably soul enriching for us.

Farther reach to those who are not web savvy.

I realize that many people are not into reading websites, nor are they into reading on the computer with ebooks.  Many people still want hard copy when it comes to books.  Maybe we can reach out to more eczema and psoriasis afflicted people with hard copy books.

I will give it a go first and write my first ebook.

Maybe it will come out better with website reader feedback.  What would you like to see in an Eczema Cure ebook?  Post comments and suggestions here.


  1. Hi, I need help with posting comments on your new site. I created an account but I feel really lost, haha.

    By the way,I am 14 years old and I suffer from severe eczema.
    I need something to hydrate my skin but I’m unsure of what to use. I use extra virgin olive oil and my skin starts to flake and gets dry again after usage.
    Any suggestions?

  2. I suggest you read the entire website. Check the cure protocols. You need to understand the root cause of eczema and address them all.

    Have an interested adult to guide you with your reading.

  3. Yep I pretty much read the whole thing, haha.
    My mum doesn’t understand English for she is Korean and never really learned the language.

    I eat around two bowls of fresh fruit everyday but I don’t know if it’s helping.
    To be honest, I find it really hard for me to consume raw meat… I also dislike raw fish but I can manage eating that.

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