Psoriasis caused by exposure to the metal NICKEL

Very good testimonial at by Curtis Barker. He had suffered for 30 plus years of psoriasis to finally observe and figure out that it was his exposure to nickel that was causing his flare ups. Curtis identified the CAUSE of his psoriasis. He merely addressed the CAUSE by AVOIDING NICKEL. Here is his testimony:

I have had psoriasis for 30+ years. I began to notice 3 years ago

that, after playing guitar

for several hours, my eyes would red up and itch. It got worse as

the months went by and

they soon began to swell and itch like poison ivy burns. It was

lasting longer and longer up

to two weeks to return to normal. I had a patch test and discovered

I have become extremely

allergic to nickel after years of regular contact. My doctor told me

a slight nickel allergy

can advance to extreme with more and more nickel contact. I changed

all frets, strings and

other hardware to from nickel to stainless steel on all my guitars.

I can now play a full

show with no ill effects from nickel. As a side benefit about six

months after the the

changes to my guitars my psoriasis is now clear.
I found out there is allot of nickel in this world. My office chair,

belt buckle, snaps on

jeans, some door handles, tools, fixtures, glasses, dirt, golf club

shafts, key rings,

jewelry, lots of musical instruments, and many many other things.

This substance should be

outlawed. If you have psoriasis it may be a nickel/bronze allergy.

My psoriasis generally

covered my elbows, knees, and torso and was never gone until now.

Age Event
@10.Play guitar sometimes
@15.Began cleaning golf clubs for my dad and his friends.
@18.Diagnosed with psoriasis
@19.Started playing guitar and golfing weekly
@45.Noticed fingers itch after a gig
@46.Noticed fingers itch and peal after a gig right wrist itch also
@48.Eyelids slight burn and itch during a gig
@50.Eyes swell and itch uncontrollably (discovered nickel allergy)
Changed guitar strings and hardware and can now play.
Avoid nickel (not a easy task) it’s everywhere.
@51.psoriasis gone for the 1st time since age 18!
@53.Tell Somebody! Might Help Someone.

I still come in contact with nickel once in a while and my eyes will

swell and itch for 2 weeks after the contact. It is difficult to

avoid nickel.

I know several guitar players with psoriasis and have informed them

of my experience.

I play guitar for live events and half the stuff on stage is nickel

and I must avoid.

Some buildings have nickel in the air (from HVAC systems I guess)

and within ten minutes my eyelids will begin to burn. I have to

leave the building and wash my hands and face.

Guitar Center is one of these buildings. When I go there I must make

a plan to get in and out fast.

I use D’Addario XLS and XL Prosteels and Ernie Ball Stainless Steel

strings for electric. They take some getting use to as far as eq-ing

for tone. They sound best on my fender twin, HRD, and Mesa mark III

simul class and not so good on my SS amps. I use to use GHS Boomers

nickel coated and those strings are pure poison to me now. I use

martin silk and steel for my acoustics. They always sound old and

like they need to be changed. I had to paint the latches on my

guitar cases. I had to change from switchcraft to neutrik ends. Had

to change frets to stainless steel. I had to change tuning keys on

one of my guitars. I put a piece of electrical tape on my bridge

where my right wrist rest while playing. I had to switch to graphite

shafts on all my golf clubs. I no longer shake hands with other

guitar/bass players. I now, never let anyone play my guitars or

carry my equipment. I never touch the

guitars,amps,cables,tuners,ect.. of others. The guys in my band have

seen me with my red swollen shut watering eyes and understand.

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  1. hi, i am 20 and have played bass guitar for 4 years.
    about a year ago i started noticing small white waterfilled blisters on the insides of and on the webbing of my left hand fingers, as well as above my index fingers nail.

    i have determined that it definitly happens when i jam a lot in a few days and during the summer it has been the worst since it started, with the heat and added sweat as well. i have assumed it was just from my fingers rubbing together, but i never thought about it being the nickel in the strings. i have minor allergies to nickel, but have never broken out with psoriosis, although it is in my family. maybe just the finger contact is causing the blister?

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