Henry Bieler MD explains emergency vicarious elimination aka eczema and psoriasis

In the continuation of Dr. Henry Bieler’s explanation of why you are sick and the reason is toxemia; he now explains what emergency vicarious elimination of toxins is. This is basic education that all psoriatics and all eczematics must learn and learn deeply. I and my brother have found these concepts to be true because we have been eczema sick and psoriasis sick and are now cured because we addressed these root cause concepts. And we were cured prior to ever reading Henry Bieler’s work. You should have the benefit of our hindsight and be cured faster than we did.

Since “emergency vicarious elimination” is probably new to you, let me explain it, for it is another important cornerstone of my treatment in the fight against disease; I will have much to say of it in future chapters.

The liver and the kidneys are important and eliminative organs. For the liver, the natural avenue of elimination, of course, is through the bowel; for the kidneys, through the bladder and urethra.

Now do you understand why the detox protocols I suggest is COLON CLEANSE first! Let’s continue with Dr. Bieler:

However, when the liver is congested and cannot perform its eliminative function, waste matter (toxins) is thrown into the blood stream. Similarly, when the kidneys are inflamed, toxins are also dammed up in the blood. Toxic blood must discharge its toxins or the person dies, so nature uses vicarious avenues of elimination or substitutes.

Now do you understand why I say you should be thankful you have Eczema or Psoriasis? Now do you understand why Eczema and Psoriasis should be treated with utmost urgency and seriousness just like Cancer? Toxic blood must discharge its toxins or the person dies!!! So which irresponsible organizations keep saying “smile” or “accept” or “just learn to live with it”? It’s time you fled these ghastly organizations that keep you sick and may cause the death of you.

Let’s continue with the lungs and kidneys:

The lungs, therefore, will take over the task of eliminating some of the wastes that should have gone through the kidneys, or the skin will take over for the liver. It stands to reason that the lungs do not make very good kidneys. From the irritation caused by the elimination of poison through this “vicarious” channel, we can get bronchitis, pneumonia or tuberculosis, as is determined by the particular chemistry of the poison being eliminated. Thus we can say that the lungs are acting vicariously for the kidneys or are being called into play, under duress, as substitute kidneys.

Then moving on to the skin and liver:

In the same way, if the bile poisons in the blood come out through through the skin, resulting in the many skin diseases, or through the mucous membranes (inside the skin) as the various catarrhs, or through the skin as boils, carbuncles, acne, etc. Thus, the skin is substituting for the liver, or a vicarious elimination is occurring through the skin.

Following on to the germs or the scavengers:

Following this line of thinking, the name of a disease is based upon a description, macro and microscopic, of the changes in the organs being used as emergency avenues of elimination. After the cells have been damaged by toxic wastes, it is easy for bacteria, as scavengers, to attack and devour the weakened, injured and dead cells.

This lesson from Dr. Bieler I will end with:

Disease, then, as I see it is an unnatural elimination process. In order to speed along or facilitate the natural elimination process of the toxic material and return the patient to health, I found necessary either (1) complete abstention from food (fasting for a few days or longer) or (2) abstention from those foods which created the patient’s toxemia

And this is why there is the orange juice fast as an example, or the more powerful vco detox; and why a raw paleolithic diet — the original diet of humans which is organic in season local raw fruits and raw animal foods do not cause toxemia… stay away from chicken if allergic… and you be careful with your choice of vegetables as many will have to be steamed or boiled as in Bieler’s soup of zuchinni, string beans and parsley… and stay away from nightshades.

May you be the next psoriasis cured or eczema cured. Post your before and after pictures in the forum.


  1. Hello!

    It’s Sharon again, haha.

    I have a question–
    lately, I’ve been telling myself to eat a better diet but I always mess up.
    Do you think it’s a good idea to do a water detox? (Maybe add some fruits in it as well?)

    I add Alka Mineral drops to my water, by the way.


    Sharon. 😀

  2. Water detox is good. Dilute some fresh fruit juice in water as a fast is good. Go ahead.

  3. Cleopatra bathed in the Dead Sea and asked Mark Anthony to conquer it for her. What was good for her is good enough for me 😉 The beneficial effects of the mud, the sea water and the sun are scientifically documented.

  4. I have psoriasis. I would like to know what you suggest to cure it. Do I just do the string bean, zucchini and parsley…is that all I do fore every meal for up to how long?

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